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  1. TalonToker

    Actually cool game about growing weed!

    It's called Weedcraft Inc. The game just came out a few days ago, on April 11, and I think it's still on sale for another day or two at steam. It's actually a really good game, very addictive. There's a little story/tutorial that you can completely ignore, but completing objectives unlocks...
  2. TalonToker

    Pre paid Visa cards

    Okay, so I live in the USA and, like so many of us, I have been purchasing my seeds from various seed banks in the UK. I have been paying by using a Visa debit card, but the last 2 times I tried to make a purchase my card was declined. I have since found out that my bank has a new policy of...
  3. TalonToker

    Some deficiency, but what is it?

    The soil I had been using for just over 5 years is no longer available, so I recently had to switch. Right now I am using Fox Farm Ocean Forrest, and ever since making the change to this soil I see this on every plant I grow. I am not inexperienced at growing, so I know I am properly watering...
  4. TalonToker

    Looking to purchase my first HPS

    I've been growing with cfls for a few years now and finally find myself in a position to upgrade. For now, it is my intent to continue to veg with the cfls, but I would like to get a 400w hps for flowering. I found two rather quickly on ebay. If I bought either one of these I would choose the...
  5. TalonToker

    Gta v

    Grand Theft Auto V is scheduled to be released on 9-17-2013. For me it will be a long 6 month wait. San Andreas was one of the most fun games video games I have ever played. I thought GTA 4 was a let down, but It was also the first gta game on the ps3. I fully expect rockstar to make this...
  6. TalonToker

    Server Clock Setting

    Is it just me or is the riu server clock about 14 minutes behind? This makes it look like there has been no posts for that long even when threads are very active.
  7. TalonToker

    Lance Armstrong finally admits to doping

    This is from an interview on 1-17-2013 Now the 'Livestrong' charity he founded is being refered to as 'Liestrong'. Your thoughts?
  8. TalonToker

    I want to live on!!

    "I want to live on!" is what I heard just now from an afgan Kush plant that I harvested exactly 3 weeks ago (December 21st). When I cut her down there was nothing left but stick. Since then she hasn't had any water and her pot was left in a corner of the grow room. When I watered my current...
  9. TalonToker

    Hilarious movie clips

    I thought it would be nice to have a thread where we could share funny movie clips. You know, clips of those scenes that make you laugh every time.:-P Keep them short so people will watch them.;) Preferably movie clips and not random youtube stuff, but whatever. This first one is a bit...
  10. TalonToker

    The like button

    I haven't seen it since January. I was going to say I have never seen it, but apparently I gave a few likes about 10 months ago. Just before that I was off-line since before it existed at this site. On the bottom left of other's posts I see 'journal this post', 'add to users rep', and 'report...
  11. TalonToker

    The addiction of Kerbal Space Program

    Kerbal Space Program is a video game for the pc which is still in beta. A version of the game can be downloaded for free. I first heard of the game about a week ago. I went through the tutorial that shows how to build a very basic spaceship only capable of getting off the ground, but not into...
  12. TalonToker

    RIP Jon Lord

    Jon Lord died on Monday after a long battle with pancreatic cancer at the age of 71. He was a lead songwriter, keyboard player, and founder of the band Deep Purple. Jon, you and your amazing talents will be greatly missed. kTkKD8BNZgo&feature=related L5eaV6_dIvw&feature=related
  13. TalonToker

    My recent experience with ch9

    Recently ch9 has released some new strains and also started selling single seeds. I placed a small order for some of the new strains in early November. The order was in my mailbox in 6 days. No big deal yet, right? Keep reading.... After recieving my order I didn't check my e-mail again...
  14. TalonToker

    Has anybody grown Homegrown Fantaseeds?

    I just came accross the breeder 'Homegrown Fantaseeds' a couple of days ago. They claim to have been doing business since '97, but I can't seem to find any decent reviews on their beans. I'm thinking of ordering some of their seeds from a seedbank that I trust, so I'm not worried about giving my...
  15. TalonToker

    How many females of 65+ do you think would admit to trying mj?

    My TV is on as I scope this forum and although I am not watching it, you can bet I paid attention when I heard marijuana mentioned. Currently on is an episode of the game show 'Card Sharks', which originally aired sometime in the early 1980s. The last question was this-- We surveyed 100 female...
  16. TalonToker

    ? about dark period temps being warmer than light period

    I grow all of my plants, some vegging and some flowering, in the same area. The way I pull this off is by moving my flowering plants into a nearby closet (which has a fan in it) for their dark period. Two days ago I switched one more of my vegging plants to 12/12 and I was thinking (or not...
  17. TalonToker

    400+Watts of cfls, Ch9 Green Bud, 1st Journal

    Hello RIU community. This is my first grow journal. I am not a newb grower, but definately still a rookie who often feels like a newb. Constructive advice/comments are welcome, just please try to keep the thread positive. The strain is Ch9 Green Bud. The soil is Scotts Premium potting soil...
  18. TalonToker

    cheap carbon filter setup effective?

    Hello RIU. Until now I really haven't been concerned with my garden's odor but today the cable TV guy came by and had to do some work on the cable box in my backyard which is right next to the window of the room where my garden is. This made me a little nervous. I only have 6 plants now and...