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  1. jadeey

    gotta detox

    I smoked a joint and drank some vodka on monday but I need to drug test today. I've been drinking lots of water and coffee and so I've been pissing a lot. Should it be out of my system by now? Last time I got alll the thc out of my system in 9 days without doing any detoxing so I don't know if...
  2. jadeey

    favorite weed ?

    Just wondering what everyone's favorite weed is. Mines skywalker OG which is the favorite to a lot of people here in LA. Any others ? If you make it sound really good I might try it :mrgreen: so sell it (;
  3. jadeey

    This makes me so happy !

    x-babies !
  4. jadeey

    less pigs more teachers :D

    Why do we have money to pay police to catch potheads but we can't pay for some mutherfucken teachers? Seriously my cousin told me her teacher is her librarian. -.-
  5. jadeey

    stoned to the point

    You guys ever been stoned to the point where you give somebody weed or forget it or something ? This girl today gave me weed just because she was so damn blown it was great (: it's fun when people give it to you but it sucks when it happens to you.... I almost left a dub on a grassfield once so...
  6. jadeey

    Quick potheads help please !

    lol white widow anybody try it how is it ? Good ? A grahm for 15 is that good ? Just wondering if I should buy or not
  7. jadeey

    So like when you're high right......

    When you're high have you ever tried smoking something other than weed accidently? It happened to me yesterday I had to light my piece with a match but I got confused and put the match in my mouth and tried to smoke it. Anybody else had it happen?