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  1. jadeey

    Lace and Chills

    Lmao I didn't see the last part >.< uhmmm okay *unties top*
  2. jadeey

    Lace and Chills

    It didn't -.- lol I don't know what happened I wasn't here ! I'm left out of the loop D:
  3. jadeey

    How high?

    Once I start shaking you know I've had enough. >____< I got super high of spice one day and I fainted and then started sweating that was pretty bad once I get a bad trip that's probably too high
  4. jadeey

    Lace and Frills <3

    That's awesome ! I'm so going to do that when he gets back from jail (: Wait what happened with kuroi ? What did I miss ?
  5. jadeey

    Best Drug combo

    weed whiskey and some naz just try not to die
  6. jadeey

    Smelling your own farts. Is it so wrong?

    no it's normal man it's smelling other peoples farts that disturb me >.<
  7. jadeey

    What do you consider desperate behavior in a female?

    Freakin texting the same person twice because they didn't reply . I don't get why girls do that they're obviously ignoring the bitch -.-
  8. jadeey

    Piss drugs test, any advice on how to pass it?

    They sell detox in most smoke shop drink the whole detox bottle then ten cups of water it's good to work out cause it'll be easier to cleanse the system I've gotten away with smoking four days before a drug just by drinking lots of coffee and water but I don't recomend it my system cleanses...
  9. jadeey

    ughh I know I've been busy >__< I just got in a fucken car crash right now I hate christmas -.-

    ughh I know I've been busy >__< I just got in a fucken car crash right now I hate christmas -.-
  10. jadeey

    Lace and Frills <3

    aww the hello kitty ones are so cute hehe and I remember that bow on your butt >.<
  11. jadeey

    Lace and Frills <3

    lol well whatever you did didn't work >.<
  12. jadeey

    Favorite beer or drink of choice?

    whiskey and sprite or king cobra and weed (:
  13. jadeey

    what pets do you have?

    4 turtles I call them the ninja turtles 1 fish names Anna Nicole
  14. jadeey

    Lace and Frills <3

    I found the pictures for my boyfriend ! :D preetty panties >.<3
  15. jadeey

    why is a beer buzz better than a hard liquor buzz?

    you aren't drinking the right stuff still you need to get some whiskey trust (: you wont even know your drunk lol
  16. jadeey

    Lace and Frills <3

    Matt's right daddy issues lol I popped up out of nowhere but that's okay >_____<3
  17. jadeey

    What do you suck at?

    I suck at sobriety anybody else with me ?
  18. jadeey

    Would this work?

    lol just say no if he tries anything I do it to my boyfriend when he's on punishment >.< but blowjobs are always good (; If anything just control yourself I know it's hard but just try
  19. jadeey

    Cosplay Corner

    Cosplay IS dorky ! lol but that's okay I'll post my Slytherin Costume later hehe I want to cosplay as kitty pryde from ultimate x-men but I would need a spiderman lol
  20. jadeey


    no because I have to know somebody real well for that but when I see guys on like motorcycle I'm kind of like damn I wish he'd ask me for a ride you know I like the bad boys the dangerous guys :)