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  1. Easyday20

    What's in My Garden

    This thread is just a rundown of my Flower tent. We have Black Grapes Dum Dum by Esosseeds. Black Grapes Dum Dum Clone. 1st up BGDD Clone
  2. Easyday20

    Decided to try cloning

    So still new at growing but decided to try cloning a Black Grapes Dum Dum I have growing. I took the clone right before flipping to 12/12. Plant is 2 1/2 weeks into flower. 1st clone pic is right after cutting. 2nd is today
  3. Easyday20

    Double infused coconut oil

    Made double infused cocnut oil. Put some in capsules. The rest is going in gummies on Monday.
  4. Easyday20

    What a hell of a day.

    Today is my youngest sons birthday and things started good. We decided to take him tubing and that is when everything went to shit. After about a 1/4 mile down the river my wife had a problem, her raft started deflating and she stated sinking. She and my daughter who was tied to her raft were...
  5. Easyday20

    Fast Buds Auto grow

    So this is my 2nd real go at growing. My 1st one was a huge disaster. But i still have it growing to see what happens. It was a bag seed. Any way here is my attempt at growing autos. They are Fast Buds Cream in the black pot and. faat buds Californian snow in the green pot. They are 30 days...
  6. Easyday20

    US Military

    I want to make this thread in Honor of all Military Veterans, Active Duty and those that didn't make it home. As for me I served in the United States Navy. I loved every moment of it. From the travel to the Brother/Sisterhood and all things in between. This thread can be for all thing Military...
  7. Easyday20

    So I Finally Caught the Bug

    I just got into this hobby of growing when the pandemic started. My first plant is on day 9 of 12/12. It is from some bagseed. After starting her I placed a small order for seeds. When I say I caught the bug I mean that since then I have gone crazy on the seed order. This is a list of the...
  8. Easyday20

    1st grow continued

    There is a link to more info about this grow in my profile. Anyway hope everyone is doing good. I just want to share a picture of a plant I have growing and get your opinions. I appreciate it. :weed: :weed: :weed: :weed: :weed: :weed: :weed: :weed: :weed: My wife calls her Juju Bead and she is...
  9. Easyday20


    Hey everyone, So I am working on my first grow. My plant is a bag seed that sprouted out of 5 I had. It is in day 3 of 12/12. Will post pics when the lights come on at 10pm. I also have a couple of seedlings that sprouted about 4 days ago. They all are auto flowers. I have a new tent and lights...
  10. Easyday20

    2nd Thread. New Grow along 1st Grow

    With the Coronavirus going on and being shut up in the house, I have nothing but time on my hands. I have my 1st grow going of some bag seed. I have enjoyed that grow and decided to discuss with my wife ordering seeds. I placed 2 orders. Order #1 from Greenpoint seeds. They are awesome and...
  11. Easyday20

    Is it too late??

    So I have a question. I have about 20 bag seed that I found laying around my house. I am Germinating a couple of them. I know outdoor growing season starts in the spring but my question is, is it too late to get a couple in the ground?
  12. Easyday20

    1st grow and other things

    Hey everyone, So I am working on my 1st grow. Which is a bag seed. I think its going well but I dont know. I enclosed some pics. Let me know what you think. Also I have 10 regular Cowboy Cookies/ 10 regular Orange blossom special seeds coming this week from green point seeds. Also 5 Cream...
  13. Easyday20

    1st grow continued

    Has anyone ever seen this. I woke up and 2 of my leaves turned to the right
  14. Easyday20

    1st Grow

    Hi everyone. Wanted to share some pics of my first grow. Take a look and let me know what you think. Also im trying to sex my plant in one of the pics i think its showing female. Help me out. HAPPY GROWING