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    Whats happening ya old stashbags

    YO, good to know your still out there! Hope all is well,
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    Who's Got The Fostiest Buds? Let's See How Frosty A Bud Can Really Get?

    Day 62 , Durban Thai x C99 brothers Grimm Needs 10 or more days. This room is quite small, 3X3X5, 45 cubic feet.
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    Club 600

    Day 62, Durban Thai x C99, runs 70/75 days
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    How does Cinderella 99 stack up to new sativa strains?

    You can order it direct from Brother’s Grimm. I’m currently running Durban Thai xC99, and Durban x C99. Popped 5 seeds got 3 phenos
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    It here any difference between inline and extractor fans?

    When you google them what comes up? Both the same ? You want to measure the cubic feet and choose the fan that provides the proper turn over
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    just dogs

    Zoey, 1.5yrs. Pit mix
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    What are you smoking today?

    Durban Thai x C99. Smells of light peppermint, taste is strong cotton candy. Planted 5, got three pheno’s 72 days , some longer
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    Flower time

    It seems that the plants I have under led versus hps tend to finish a week or so early. I’m running 3590 COB’s in one room, 304 Quantum’s in a second room, neither have any uv secondary lighting. They always finish sooner than my hps room, all are treated exactly the same, all clones. You say...
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    So I want to make some hash

    I run a simple Bubble Magic Machine and 3/ 4 bags, depending on the first run results. I think what ever method being better or not? Preference is everything
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    Boy or girl ?

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    What are you smoking today?

    Some Deathstar bubble
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    The fishing thread ( not about fish fertilizer)

    No head like steelhead
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    Bud porn

    Yeah, so that main bud looked cool but actually it was kind of one cluster of fox tails, very airey , and disappointing. The secondary branches were fine. I will never let a plant do this again. Sort of wanted to see how big it would get. Since then I top and fem to get a more even canopy
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    Whats happening ya old stashbags

    The Gladstones and nurse Nancy’s , knucklehead bobhave been Mia for sometime
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    Bud porn

    Are those Roi 720’s or 680’s
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    Bud porn

    My biggest thus far, blue berry headband
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    Bud porn

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    If u only can choose a strain for the rest of your life...

    Bothers Grimm is origin of C99
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    Drug Screening

    Dude your good to go