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  1. crittertime

    What causes RADICALLY different TDS measurements (ppm) ?

    While measuring TDS of the nutrient mixture and runoff of my 4 plants, I got drastically different results. How can this occur in plants that are on the same feed cycle? Todays watering: in a two gallon watering can, - 1.5 tsp/gal Fox Farm Big Bloom - 1 tsp/gal Fox Farm Tiger Bloom My vivosun...
  2. crittertime

    Indica Rescue: an open grow journal

    Back in mid-March, I inherited some plants in the wake of my friend's breakup. The plants were gnatty, spindly, and stretched as all get-out. I gladly took them in as a quarantine project. I’m a novice gardener, and this is my first cannabis grow. They were germinated in late-January in 1.75...