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  1. carl.burnette

    LED Lights on Amazon CHEAP?

    I have noticed that has some very good prices LED lights. Basic 300 watt system for like $140ish canadian. Seems like they're all on for half price type thing. I have never used them, mainly because of prices, but for $150 Im temped to give them a try. Even if its just for a new...
  2. carl.burnette

    Yellow Yellow everywhere. 6 weeks into bud HELP!

    My Plant was great, 2-4 weeks from choppy chop. Noticed the fan leaves started to yellow. Watered with 5ml flora & 5 ml Kabloom & 5 ml molasses. in gallon of good water. That was 3 days ago. Checked this morning & lots of yellow. All the leaves have turned yellow, even some of the sugar...
  3. carl.burnette

    Freezer grow box. What do you think?

    I just got a 5' chest freezer given to me. Girl was about to dump in the metal recycling & anyways, I saw it & the church music went off in my head! :) I was think of putting 6-4' t-12 lights on the lid & 4 tubes on the front & back. Giving me a total of 14-4' t-12 floro tubes (shop lights...
  4. carl.burnette

    First Hermi.. Hash now? PLease advise

    Hi folks. I've never had a plant go hermi on me & not sure what to do. I am in 4th week of budding & I noticed the balls appear. I have been pulling them off as i find them but I'm positive I've missed a few just by shear numbers. I vegged this plant for months & lst & topped her so she has...
  5. carl.burnette

    Elderbox Bugs.. have MASSIVE infestation. What to do??

    We have a massive issue with Elderbox bugs. They are about 1/2 inch long, 6 legs, black bodies with red X on the back. I have looked them up & they are harmless other than they are annoying & there are thousands of them. They collect on the tree in the back yard & on the side of the house...
  6. carl.burnette

    Mixed up my bulbs. lol.. there is a difference!

    Got my new grow lights a few month ago & just harvested my first plant grown under them. The kit came with 2 bulbs, One HPS & the other MH of course. I vegged under CFLs then put them under the HPS for budding, but I had the wrong bulb in the whole time. I budded under the MH bulb. I...
  7. carl.burnette

    Strangest Place you have had sex.. Go..

    My fathers a pastor. While he was at bible college my girlfriend & I were visiting. He was in a prayer room next to the principles office with all the staff & a few student having a pentecostal prayer meeting. I was nailing my girlfriend on the principles desk while this was going on. They...
  8. carl.burnette

    Using marijuana as part of your prayer life if your a Christian..

    Hi folks. Im not starting a debate into Christianity or any other form of religion. I am looking to talk to anyone (if there is anyone) who may be or have gone throught what I am. I have been a Christian for probably 25 years or so. My father became a pastor when I was a teenager & have gone...
  9. carl.burnette

    Plant seems to have paused 4 weeks in to bud cycle. Is this normal?

    Hi folks. Growing an unknown seed. Vegged her for 6 weeks or so. FIM & LST'd In soiless mix using floranova Bloom. under 400 watt hps. I noticed that my plants covered in bud sites, but it seems to have stopped doing anything in the last week. Is this the time is switches from growing bud...
  10. carl.burnette

    Can I trim 3 weeks in to budding?

    Hi folks. I've got a few grows under my belt but always loooking to do better. I have a plant that I have lst & FIM'd. It's bushy as old hell but that's where my question come in. I put it under a 400 watt hps & now I have nice buds growing on the tops but the main stalk is now covered in...
  11. carl.burnette

    Do you get what you pay for? Regualr or Feminized seeds?

    I wonder... I've noticed at gas stations sometimes there is only 2 storage tanks but 3 grades of fuel. I found out that many times they just sell the high test for the mid test price because not that many people buy mid grade anyways & your giving them better than they pay for. This makes a...
  12. carl.burnette

    What the hell has happened to music & people?

    OK.. I admit I am a child of the 80's Sam from Who's the Boss was my dream girl along with many other such as Samantha Fox, the Wilson sisters (especially the blonde one) from Heart & even Stacy Q.So, being a relatively kewl dad I try to look into the music my children listen too & I have to...
  13. carl.burnette

    Pollination Question

    Probably a stupid question, but: When you pollinate a female plant, can you just put the pollen on say 2 or 3 bud sites (lol.. I type bud light first) low on the plant (carefully of course) & the seeds would grow only on those sites you pollinated or does it get the whole plant pregnant & seeds...
  14. carl.burnette

    How much room between light & ceiling? 400 watt HID

    Just built my new cabinet. 30" deep, 70"wide 60" high. I bought a 400 watt hid light system. With the ballast outside the box how much room do I need between the top of the reflector & the ceiling of the box? My box is plywood & the ceiling in it is 5/8 fireproof drywall. For safety when I...
  15. carl.burnette

    Rippers..Fess up, ever do it? Are there rules of etiquite? Should we make some?

    Anyone ever rip? Did you take it all? Just some? Did you leave a mess or did you nail a hundred dollar bill to a tree in the area? If you've been ripped. Did you lose it all? Would it be acceptable if they only took a branch or 2? Just wondering. I have never ripped or been ripped but...
  16. carl.burnette

    harvest before frost? Been advised to wait. Need experienced answer!

    I have a couple plant in my back yard type thing & it was just an experiment as I Have never grown outside before. Put a couple out too late in the season (i assume). Late june/early july They look good but if they were indoors I would give them perhaps another 6 weeks. Iin 6 weeks I...
  17. carl.burnette

    6" CANA FILTER.Can you clean them? How?

    I have a small grow box say 2X5X5 & I have a 6" cana filter with an inline fan on it. Its worked great now for 2 years (i dont grow all year, jsut a few months type thing) Anyways Can you clean them out? I heard that tapping them a few times will give them a longer life but I wondered if...
  18. carl.burnette

    400 watt Induction light. $700. Worth it? Anyone grow with one?

    Local head shot has them for $700 I can afford it so I was thinking abuot getting one. Looking for opinions. Reason to buy is it runs cooler than the HPS. I only grow for personal use so just want the best I can grow. I grow in a 5X5X2 bo now with 2 150 watt HPS lights. I have 4 of them...
  19. carl.burnette

    Found a visiter in my grow box. Kinda cute. Hope he sticks around.

    :lol:Opened up my cabinet the other night & sitting on the top of the power bar was this tiny little toad. Very light pastel green. Not seen one like it around here before. Enjoy.