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  1. Keighan

    Help, 3500sq ft lost already

    One greenhouse has been lost already, 3500sqft it seems to start with the leaves having spots that slowly start to turn into a lighter shade of green, then begins to die off, as seen in pictures, every feed is always between 6 and 6.5, ppm range from 8-1100, growing in coast of Maine Stonington...
  2. Keighan


    Maine caregiver lookig to network in the state, talk about strains, extracts, flower, evrrything cannabis, business, comment, or p.m.
  3. Keighan

    In the county.

    Anyone else around here from the county? I'm looking to network more locally with like-minded folks, maybe trade some cuts. Have f1's of Sour diesel x black Russian Tahoe og x black Russian #1, #2 Strawberry cough x black Russian #1,#2 Alaskan Thunderfuck x black Russian #1,#2,#3 None f1 cuts...
  4. Keighan

    Possible iron deficiency

    I have about 8 plants that over the past 2 weeks have turned yellow with brown spots, I went Bout 3 weeks with no pH meter, in a 40 peat, 30 compost, 10 worm castings, 10 aeration, and 10 parts amendments ( kelp, tree tone,(4-3-2), fed with compost tea once a week. My water was at pH of 7.5...
  5. Keighan

    Turning dark dabs to amber

    Is there a way to lighten the color of your BHO? I've read, read, read again, and tried skunk pharms tech's on the polishing extracts post, but I still can't get it to lighten, any ideas? Experience? I have mostly an unlimited supply of medical trim, but it's very finely ground, and is a mix of...
  6. Keighan

    Fu** the grey area on extracts

    OK, so I was told by larger operating caregiver that in Maine extractions are legal until you bring Butane into the equation, co2, rosin, qwiso, etc are OK. Which utterly confused me, his explanation was that those are "natural" solvents or techniques, which stopped me in my tracks...Because man...
  7. Keighan

    Guess so.

  8. Keighan

    Spider mite sulfur burner experience.

    So...I knew this day would come, fucking spiders..mitey motherfuckers at that, haven't had them until now and even after countless hours of prior research, when the day comes it's a smack in the face and a kick in the balls, instantaneously it seemed as my eye met the mite I was suddenly brain...
  9. Keighan

    Fort kent on the 14th and 15th.

    Whats up in the 207, anyone goin to the mmmj conference in fort kent on the 14th and 15th?
  10. Keighan

    Aact tea and solubility time.

    Ok, I was wondering if the consistant addition of AACT tea and B.B. quickens the time it takes for insolubles to turn soluble or do they reach an equilibrium?
  11. Keighan

    Maine recreational ammendment questions

    What would the recreational law being imposed entail for maine medical scene, what would happen to the medical caregivers?
  12. Keighan

    Bug identification assistance

    So, heres a couple pictures, its been very wet and rainy lately, and im having these lttle red fly looking bugs eating my plants theres a picture of the bug and damge, feel like they could be aphids but would like another opinion and heres my g13 cut, just starting to flower only been outside 2...
  13. Keighan

    minimise transplant stress

    I have some seedlings that were planted in a single bucket do to a lack of pots and i transplantd to another pot now halves of some of the leaves are dead, i cut them off quite a few have bounced back to life, any ways to minimise? there was an unfortueate temp drop on the evening of transplant...
  14. Keighan

    Hoooly root aphids

    So, today has been an adventure to say the least, after finding out yesterday I have beenmisdiagnosing my plants for weeks now and my problem is root aphids. Phylloxera, anddd they are rugged, i spent around 4 hours reading forums, studying, etc etc. Today i took action, I rooted up all...
  15. Keighan

    Compost bin bugs

    First time running compost bin I seem to have a crapton of very small white bugs there running around incredibly fast on top ofcompost bin look likethey have a very small sac and antennas...any ideas? Way to small for a picture.
  16. Keighan

    Would appreciate a second opinion.

    I feel like this is a mag deficiency, just looking for some more opinions and how to ammend the problem, I know you can use Epsom salts, my soils still wet from the last watering though should I still add Epsom salts or let dry out more.
  17. Keighan

    Using my (unfortunately) chem filled soil

    OK, I'm just throwing this out there to get some feedback and responses from some more experienced organic growers, hope ya guys don't mind. I have some seedlings in some old soil I used last grow that was taken out and tilled, it's standard pro mix bx (i believe) with an extra couple added...
  18. Keighan

    Well water question

    My well water is at 360ppm with a ph of 7.4, i was suspecting of that being the cause of my seedling deformity a couple grows back when i attempted to use my well water.
  19. Keighan

    c\n ratio of oyster mushrooms?

    Have dried oyster mushrooms added some to a vermicompost pile can't find any info on c\n of oyster mushrooms, they are one of the highest protein containing mushroom.
  20. Keighan

    Chocolate Dream in vermicomposting mycelium

    This is just an experiment, I was raised in a greenhouse that would commonly grow cukes, tomatoes, and a variety of other veggies straight In straw and sawdust with great results. (was mostly for display purposes but it worked quite well.) So for experimental purposes I am taking some spent...