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    The Meditation Thread

    I'm curious to hear about everyone's personal experience with meditation, as well as any knowledge or opinions you guys may have about it. Personally, I'm not the most experienced with meditation, but I have given it a shot (mostly 10-15 minute sessions with either calming instrumental music...
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    Why do some buds look like this?

    I've noticed that regardless of how frosty the buds, or how big the calyxes are, most buds (including some of the best stuff) look like a bunch of calxyes and neatly trimmed sugar leaves if there are any, and then some others look almost like moss covered rocks. The moss looking ones are usually...
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    Post Your Frostiest Autoflower Bud Pics

    If you have any frosty autoflower buds, share as many pics as you want, here. To keep things organized, and for reference, please use the form below if your post has a picture in it (one form per plant). Guidelines for pictures: -You must have grown the buds yourself. -It doesn't matter when...
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    For how long do YOU cure your homegrown bud?

    How long do you cure your homegrown bud, after it's been dried and trimmed? Also, what is your curing method?
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    A Guide To Colloidal Silver

    A Guide To Colloidal Silver Introduction: Ok, so a lot of people around here have been asking the same questions about Colloidal Silver over and over, and I don't blame them. The information is generally scattered, and if you manage to find a good post here and there, chances are you will find a...
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    Cannatonic Mother (bonsai) and Clone (mainlined) look like two diff phenos

    The mother on the left probably needs to get fed, and it was also defoliated to create smaller leaves/only getting side light lately from some t5's while the clone was u nder an led panel. Environment makes a huge difference!!!
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    When you use cs to force balls on a fem plant (w/CS), and then pollinate it with its own pollen....

    It should be exactly the same as if you cloned the plant before spraying it with CS,and then used that pollen on the clone instead of the same plant you partially flipped correct? Some people are saying that it can "confuse" the plant and lead to hermies, but that doesn't really make sense...
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    Think Different 1Plant >200w LED (actual)

    Think Different 3Gal Smartpot (No topping or lst) LED>250w (actual) This little girl is growing like a beast, ever since it got some roots set in. She did however have some rust colored spots and it looked like a cal/mag deficiency, so I gave her some bone meal and blood meal (only things used...
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    Some super dense AKR (unintended micro grow)

    Unintended because it was the first time using smart pots so the drying from all sides was faster than expected, and the pot was filled with too little soil (not wet enough when filled to prevent settling), so the roots had very little space to grow in, but the plant looks awesome anyway imo...
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    If you use CS to force pollen sacs on a female plant, and then self it, are....

    Are the seeds clones? All the same pheno? Or do genes still get mixed up like they normally would in a normal punnet square?
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    Balls??? ( Colloidal Silver) How much longer till pollen?

    Afghan Kush Ryder (fem)
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    EverythingsHazy's "Mainlined" Green Love Potion (Sasmara Seeds) 16 Tops

    Curious to see if the stems thicken up enough to support a large buds. It's in a 3 gallon smart pot. Before trimming off the last 4 fan leaves from the previous 'level'. Today after trimming.
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    What is this?

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    WHat is this winged insect, and is it harmful?

    It jumped from a plant onto the LUX meter I was using so they prob have spread elsewhere as well... Plant looks pretty good so far with a little leaf yellowing tghe last few days but not splotchy as with a lot of insect damage. A couple rust colored spots too but not many and only on a few...
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    HTg 7band vs ebay 300w/400w 9 band.?

    Which would you get? The ebay one is $200 for 400w where the htg for the 240w model, its $270 Has anyone tested an ebay one with a lux meter to compare?
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    What is the max LUX the top of the plant should get in flowering?

    It really varies insanely depending on 1, where the plant is under the light (If its one plant directly under, the middle will still have much higher lux) and 2. the distance. even a couple inches can almost double the lux hitting the plant surface, so you'd have to go by the max spot I guess...
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    Cannabis Bonsai

    Cannatonic Feminized
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    Anyone ever keep training a branch horizontally throughout flowering?

    Would each "nug" grow upwards and end up like the top one usually does?
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    Think Different 1 Gallon: Topped+LST

    Comments/suggestions are welcome. It was topped very early, around the 3rd or 4th node (before you should prob top a plant that has time to recover well) so that it wouldn't be wasting so much energy since there is no point rooting the cutting. Because the part that was cut off was still so...