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  1. JSB99

    Should i trim this root away

    I was fighting the beginnings of root rot when this was starting out, but got it under control. I just looked at the roots, which are all white, and saw this remaining brown root. Should I snip it off? She's not all that big yet. About a week and a half.
  2. JSB99

    My Lightweight LED Frame

    Hey everyone, I wanted to post some pics of my new LED frame. This is the first of two, meant for a 5x5 footprint. I'm going to be running 16 x Quantum QB132's, and 20 x UV, using 2 x HLG-480H-C1750A's. Shout out to @andymex for helping me figure out the lights and configuration. This is...
  3. JSB99

    2 x 320W XL QB V2 R SPEC KIT vs the new 650R

    I was planning on ordering two of these XL 320 kits for my 5 x 5 footprint, but then I saw the new 650r. It looks like it'd be close to the equivalent layout, and the prices are close, but would one be better than the other...
  4. JSB99

    Nylon stockings for RDWC pipe filters

    I just fished out a bunch of roots in the pipes, as well as the return tube. It was fairly easy, but I do want to avoid it from happening again. I use panty hose/nylon stockings for air filters. I stretch them over ducting, and they work great at keeping stuff out. So, I think I'm going to...
  5. JSB99

    Adding a 600w to 1000w grow

    I'm debating adding my old 600w hood/lamp, to my existing 1k. It may be a little while before I can get my QBs, which I'll be mounting each to the outside hooks. This is my first tentless grow, and I really like the access, but the big disadvantage to that is not having mylar walls for the...
  6. JSB99

    Does CBD prevent Coronavirus

    Why not, works for everything else, right! Well I'm not taking any chances. Since my weed doesn't have much CBD, I'm just gonna have to smoke a whole lot of it :)
  7. JSB99

    What the Trump?!?

    Even though I don't like him, Pence has some competence when he speaks to reporters. And then Trump takes the mic, and it's as elegant as a loud fart among people praying silently in church.
  8. JSB99

    Tent frame for utility, in grow room

    Has anyone used a tent frame in a grow room, just to hang lights, mount net and fans, etc... I'm rebuilding my grow room, of which I used to use a 4x4 tent, and I have a slight dilemma. My ceiling fan blades might be in the way of hanging lights from the ceiling. If it does fit, it's going to...
  9. JSB99

    Looking for a quick answer on LED light

    It's been a few years since I was looking at LED lights. I'm ready to make the move, but there's too much info out there, and too many to choose from. I'm looking for a 1000w hps equivalent to cover a 5x5 footprint. What average priced light would you recommend? What high-end light would you...
  10. JSB99

    Looks like burning...

    I'm not sure what's going on here. I transplanted her in the ground a couple weeks ago, and ever since, it looks like I'm getting serious burning. I've been flooding her over the past few days in an attempt to flush it. I have been seeing vertical growth, but whatever's going on is most...
  11. JSB99

    Do outside plants stretch in flower?

    I'm mostly an inside grower, but I grew a big start, in my 4x4 under a 1k. I moved her outside a few weeks ago, and she has adjusted, and is growing again. We have another month or so before flowering kicks in. I'm wondering if she'll stretch, when she starts flowering, like indoor plants do...
  12. JSB99

    Baby Trump gets to fly in DC on the 4th!!!

    This is awesome! The baby Trump balloon, that they fly in the UK when Trump visits, got a permit to fly in DC on the 4th, when Trump has his very political military parade!! Now I wish I was going :lol:
  13. JSB99

    Getting ready for the sun

    Been growing this Jack Herer for the outside. I plan on moving her out on the Summer Soltice. She's on an 18 hour schedule, but I'm adjusting it to the sun's schedule. It won't be long before there's less than 14hrs of sunlight, and she'll start flowering. It's not an AF. I'm in Oregon...
  14. JSB99

    My Little Stoney Cloney cute LOL! I got one of these little 5-gallon HDX totes, and made a mini bubble cloner out of it. It's nice and compact, and seems to be doing great with these two Jack Herers! I've got pucks covering the other holes, but I'm going to come up with something a little better. The...
  15. JSB99

    JB's Killer, No-Chiller Eperiment

    I refuse to get a chiller, but I'm determined to keep my water temps down. Last few hydro grows I used frozen jugs to keep temps in check, and it worked great. However, it's kind of a pain. I also had a small fan blowing across the surface, which also helped keep temps down via, evaporative...
  16. JSB99

    Transcripts of the Korea summit leaked

    Just found a portion of the transcripts of the private meeting Trump had with Kim... Trump: "Listen Kim, the real reason I'm here is because I see your beautiful beaches, where you shoot your bombs, and I'm picturing beautiful condos, and golf courses, and maybe a Trump tower!" Kim: "Uh..."...
  17. JSB99

    If Trump were to critique himself...

    If Trump were to critique any business owner who filed bankruptcy six times, and took a billion dollar loss on a cash cow like a casino, do you think Trump would call that person a "winner"? I doubt it! I think his response would be something like, "He's a total loser who doesn't know what the...
  18. JSB99

    Question for old timers about trimming

    I was reading up on pruning, just refreshing my knowledge, and more than once I've read that many seasoned growers don't prune. This is in reference to inside grows. Is that true?
  19. JSB99

    How to correct your yellow-washed HPS pictures

    I wanted to share this with everyone. When taking pictures of your plants under an HPS light, the pictures are washed out from the kelvin-specific peaks of the lamp. This picture was taken with my cell, with the HPS on, but you'll notice that the colors look pretty natural. I use Photoshop...
  20. JSB99

    How long after topping - flower?

    How long after topping or fiming should I wait before flipping to flower? Will they grow out in flower, or should I grow them out a while in veg? I'm creating manifolds, and I just fimed the four top shoots, after the initial topping off the stalk. I'm a few weeks into veg, and I'm thinking...