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  1. carl.burnette

    LED Lights on Amazon CHEAP?

    I was thinking of getting one for the veg. I use a couple large CFLs for the first 2-3 weeks then I put on the HID lighting. Thought I could save a step by using LEDs for the entire veg then flip over to HPS for flower.
  2. carl.burnette

    LED Lights on Amazon CHEAP?

    I have noticed that has some very good prices LED lights. Basic 300 watt system for like $140ish canadian. Seems like they're all on for half price type thing. I have never used them, mainly because of prices, but for $150 Im temped to give them a try. Even if its just for a new...
  3. carl.burnette

    Is this the grouchiest angry group of people around or what?

    not all are dicks..but there are certainly some. Ask away.. to hell with the goofballs We all started somewhere & knew nothing. Why get mad if someone asks if weed starts as a seed? There was a time when we were all ignorante in the ways of weed & now we are not, but we only learned from...
  4. carl.burnette

    Are we living in the End Times?

    I believe the pieces are all moving in to place for the end times as described in the Bible. Being Born again, I'm ok with it :) God Bless Also please note there is nowhere in the bible where we are told smoking weed is a sin... so don't even go there.
  5. carl.burnette

    Flower room night temp to low?

    -35 celcius.. yes, that's pretty cold for us. we usually get a few nights a year light that, in January or FEb, but this year was unreal. Im sure we've set records as have most of the rest of North Americas north. Shit loads of snow too. Im Canadian, but I HATE winter.
  6. carl.burnette

    Flower room night temp to low?

    Im tweaking my room now, I have 65 night 80 day. I think the 80's too high. But 42 def seems low. During this winter * had my nights as low as 38 & highs almost 100 & my plants survived a couple weeks of me trying to figure it out. My growbox is in the garage & I live in Canada. This winter...
  7. carl.burnette

    Yellow Yellow everywhere. 6 weeks into bud HELP!

    JUst read a post that molasses can cause fading of the leaves.. I used mosasses. Maybe THATS what caused the sever yellowing so quickly? Any comments?
  8. carl.burnette

    Yellow Yellow everywhere. 6 weeks into bud HELP!

    Well, flushed them for 10 mins lots of clear clean water, then just the Flora Bloom. See what happens. I took a sample budd & tried it. Pretty creeper at this point. Not strong, but nice uplifting... like all of a sudden I looked around & said, "Yip, I'm high." Not really long lasting...
  9. carl.burnette

    Yellow Yellow everywhere. 6 weeks into bud HELP!

    Thought of that, do a flush just in case I messed something up with the kaBloom then 1/2 strength flora Veg (I think that's what its called, its a green bottle)
  10. carl.burnette

    Yellow Yellow everywhere. 6 weeks into bud HELP!

    My Plant was great, 2-4 weeks from choppy chop. Noticed the fan leaves started to yellow. Watered with 5ml flora & 5 ml Kabloom & 5 ml molasses. in gallon of good water. That was 3 days ago. Checked this morning & lots of yellow. All the leaves have turned yellow, even some of the sugar...
  11. carl.burnette

    Pix That Make You LOL-Warning-SNWS

    In Canada we have Hotrods. Same thing. LIke a think pepperoni stick dried to shit & not a redeaming quality in the lot :) But they are tasty :)
  12. carl.burnette

    What to do: Severe yellowing, brown leaves, four weeks into 12/12

    WOW. I have never seen that kind of height on a plant like that. Not complaining or saying its wrong, just was surprised is all. I always lst them plus topping. Anyways, I think its not as bad as you think it is. After 4-6 weeks you start to get yellowing on the bigger fan leaves, or I...
  13. carl.burnette

    Veg with HPS

    I bought a HPS/MH set up & used the MH bulb for the entire grow (thought I had the HPS in for veg by mistake, turns out I left the MH in for flower by mistake) end of the story is, the weed was great, in fact, I would say that by flowering in MH the plan got much bushier. The grown around the...
  14. carl.burnette

    Not sure if ready to appreciated!

    check the trichs. IMO I would let her ride a couple more weeks.
  15. carl.burnette

    4 foot fluorescent bulbs for growing????

    Subscribed. Looks promising
  16. carl.burnette

    Freezer grow box. What do you think?

    I just got a 5' chest freezer given to me. Girl was about to dump in the metal recycling & anyways, I saw it & the church music went off in my head! :) I was think of putting 6-4' t-12 lights on the lid & 4 tubes on the front & back. Giving me a total of 14-4' t-12 floro tubes (shop lights...
  17. carl.burnette

    400 Watt Boss Hog and Northern Light Grow

    :( Bummer bro.. Hope things are well.
  18. carl.burnette

    Pocket Hose?

    Ive seen these things & one things bothers me. How do they stay extended when your using the hose? When its not open to flow I understnad it expands. But as soon as you pull the trigger or turn the sprinker on or whatever, the pressure is released & by my understanding it will start to...