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  1. Soul Sativa

    Root development cloning discovery

    I'm relatively new here so if my "discovery" has already been claimed by another; my apologies. If not.... I have stumbled on something I found intersting. In using a root riot block and gel hormone, I started taking microscopic photos to track the root development. To my surprise and...
  2. Soul Sativa

    The original MTF

    So the stories go it went underground.... For those that are really in the know; MTF has been around in select circles. It started as any great strain from the valkey but evolved, like many; to develope its own identity and genetics. I have had the pleasure of getting seeds from a guy in his...
  3. Soul Sativa

    30 year old bag seed

    Any recommendations for seeds this old? I have a very hardy plant from the same bag: it's a maniac but this one seems a bit more delicate.
  4. Soul Sativa

    can't get the buds to bulk up

    My first grow.... hydro with fox farm trio nutes. 400w mh and hps bulb with ballast adjusted to 50%. Ph is good, have followed the nutes caledar to the letter.... I am in week 10 of flowering and the colas and buds are shiny but hairs are not all orange and the white pistils are still straight...
  5. Soul Sativa


    Hard to really get into these forums and have any conversation of real substance. Trust being the limiting factor - how do you know who is legit to talk to and whom to avoid?
  6. Soul Sativa

    Here we grow... first one.

    Just got my mmj approval yesterday and the seeds have germed for a couple days. Royal Flush is in soil for now on top of the cabinets and the soil is the Scotts hydro release. Supposedly it releases water to roots as it dries out. Here's the plan.... I have two cfl cabinets on their way...