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    Senate Hearing Today....
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    GG#4 Is Overated

    Not to disrespect the breeder what so ever. I think what he has done by releasing the cut and helping spread knowledge about the best way to grow her and so forth are instances to be praised and admired in this industry. However motherfuckers get a clone only for the first time and act like...
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    Ark Survival Evolved (PC)

    New desktop on the way and looking to clan up with my fellow stoners. this HTML class. Value is
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    Water Only Soil?

    Added two cups of everything, except 4 cups crab shell to 30 galons of a base ( 1 part peat, 1 part castings, 1 part perlite). I then moistened it with a beneficial bacteria/fungi and enzyme product. I'm gonna let it sit for 3 weeks before planting. My goal is to only use teas throughout...
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    (NEWS) Michigan medical marijuana rule changes hit speed bump
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    Cali Connection 818 Headband: Nector For The Gods Grow

    Now that the Sour is done in the experimental tent. It's time to give the Nector For The Gods line a try. I have been running this pheno of 818 since July of last year and was the best out of two packs of regular seeds, where there were multiple keepers to choose from. I believe this will be my...
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    Legends of OG Kush "The Adam Dunn Show"

    This is a must watch!
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    What I Do With My Trim

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    Only took 7 days to get card in the mail!

    Well I think that LARA is finally getting their shit together. I sent out my new patients information last Wednesday got the approval notification and card exactly a week later.
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    Nature's Green Remedies

    Just discovered this US based seedbank last week thanks to a thread on RIU, and saw that they had quite a number of great strains to choose from, with pretty decent prices. Ordered a few single seeds of Sin City Seeds "Sinmint Cookies" from them last Wednesday to try them out before I made a...
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    Agent Orange x 818 Headband "How High Medium" Journal-from seed

    A breeder friend of mine is dropping off seeds from a cross he did with his Agent Orange male and my 818 Headband female. His Agent Orange male is 1 of only two males he uses for his crosses and after sampling many of his genetics since being here in MI, I am very excited to see the phenotype's...
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    HB4271 and Plant Counts

    There is no mention of plant counts in the language of the bill, so will that mean "Provisioning Centers" will not be subjected to plant counts unless regulated by their municipality?
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    Kushie Kush

    Alright time to set the record straight on this product that gets bashed based on name alone. Kushie Kush is very similar to Big Bud with two differences. It's a lot more concentrated, and it uses potassium nitrate, where as Big Bud uses potassium sulfate. Other than that the ingredients list...
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    White House Response to The New York Times Editorial Board's Call for Federal Marijuana Legalization
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    Anyone know of any medical marijuana friendly landlords? (metro area)

    Looking for another house and wanted to see if anyone knew of any property owners that were accepting. Not looking for Detroit though more on the outskirts. pm me if you can help out
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    Anyone Using "Organic Nutrients"Insect Frass?

    Got some more free stuff. Today it was "Organic Nutrients" Insect Frass. Does anyone use this stuff?
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    Photosynthesis Plus is The Shit,But Smells Worse Than Shit!

    I just wanted to give this product a shout out and say that it is IMO is the most cost effective inoculate I have used, and feel that it is extremely under the radar. I have not seen so much the yield increase that is advertised on the label, but my smells and tastes are considerably better than...
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    The Adam Dunn Show-Organic Integrated Pest Management w Clackamas Coot + Jeremy Silva

    Latest episode of the Adam Dunn Show lots of good stuff!