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    Plants leaves take quick turn for the worse, before and after pics.

    Hello all, I currently have some clones I transplanted into coco from an areoponic cloners 4-5 days ago two days ago they looked fine then today I notice 2 or 3 with quite a few leaves that have shrivled up. Is this a transplant shock plants had large root systems, I was gentle so maybe these...
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    Plants pollinated? Is this a pollen sac?

    Hello all, I currently have 8 Gelato 45 x Pac Mac from sacred cut seeds growing in week 6. i started with 14 females, and I have removed 6 that were throwing nanners the most recent of which was yesterday. Im pretty sure this is the one that pollenated my girls, Im confident they are pollenated...
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    Thermostat broke overnight

    Hello all, I had a thermostat break on me over night, my night time low dropped to 45 degrees I am on day 8 of flower should I be worried about stress on my plants.
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    Day 21 slow flowering or stunted?

    Hello all I currently have 15 gelato 45 x PAC MAC in coco in 1.7 gallon pots. They are currently on day 21 of flower but they seem to be slower flowering than most of what I have grown in the past. I know the pots are a little small for the plants, but I am feeding twice a day and everything...
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    Dmi's grow Gelato 45 x ( (purple punch x animal cookies) x MAC From Sacred Cut Seed Co

    Hello everyone, Hopefully I do better with this journal, my last attempt kinda stalled. This is now my third grow in this room. I have a 6 x 14 flower room with three 4x4 flood tables. I have 4 240w monster board led boards hanging over two, and the third has 2 400 w HP's. I plan to get to...
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    Extractor fan, is it ok to run on minimum speed for extended periods of time?

    I am currently running my inline extractor fan on its absolute lowest speed, is there any harm to the fan itself running it this was, thanks in advance.
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    Very tip of serrations are curling up??

    Hello I have a plant, and all the very tip of all the serations of the leaves are curling up. My room is currently 76 degrees 55% humidity and it is similar day and night i know that is a little high for night time temps but i dont think that is what is causing this, my ph is 6.2, currently on...
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    New room build 6x14

    I've been hard at work getting this room ready for my girls to move in, the room is 6x14x7h at the tallest wall. I just finished boarding the walls and painting today now to start moving the gear in and getting the enviroment dialed in.I will be using: a 6" 470cfm inline fan 2 400 watt HPS...
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    Longtime members first grow journal

    Hello, I'm a longtime member who up until recently has been lurking in the shadows without posting. I started visiting this website back in high school when i dreamed of being able to grow my own smoke, even starting a plant in my closet at my parents house( did not go over well). Then when i...
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    Do you think passive exhaust will be sufficient new build

    Hello all, Currently roughing in my hvac intake and outtake. My setup is 540 cubic feet and I am using a 6" fan with 473 CFM. I am running 2 400 watt HPS and 1 315 CMH.Do you guys think a passive exhaust will cut it, my budget is stretched very thin and I have plants vegging in my garage that...
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    Beneficial bacteria can I get away without?

    Hello all, I've just started a grow to ensure that if there is a shortage, or price skyrockets in the coming months I have something to smoke on. My question is do I need beneficial bacteria I have already over spent getting to where I am. Even if I just get through veg and add them for flower.
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    Just transplanted my rooted clones blast em or dial up slowly

    I've just transplanted two clones for my first grow in 4 years, I have them under a 400 watt MH dialed down to the lowest setting, hung about 30" above. Should I turn up the light, lower the light, both, or neither. Thanks.
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    Spider mites... 4 years later

    Hello all longtime lurker first time poster, 4 years ago I had a bad Spider mite infestation, I have since moved three times and have cleaned all my equipment with bleach. Should I be concerned with equipment such as my dehumidifier having eggs laying dormant that I could not get to with my...
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    Will i find indica dominant phenos and sativa dominant phenos in a hybrid strain?

    I currently have BCBD Purple Afghani growing and i've noticed that there are two types of plants one with dark green classic indica leaves and one with light green longer fingered leaves. The strain is supposed to be a cross so i was wonder if this was two pheno types or unstable genetics as i...