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    Mau5 X kit layout discussion

    Hey guys so if someone were to setup a mau5 X kit in 5 rows of 4 cxb3590 is it going to be a pita to wire those in series? At first thought I cant figure how one could successfully wire these in series when part of the cobs will be on another bar. I guess one way would be to use separate drivers...
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    cxb3590 driven at 1400ma

    Hey guys I was hoping someone knowledgable enough can help me cut to the chase. I just wanted to know what my PPFD would be if I purchased a 10 cob setup driven at 1400ma. If I read correctly the CXBs will be approx 56% efficient at that current. I will learn how to calculate PPFD eventually but...
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    cxb3590 drive current opinions

    Hey DIY builders, I wanted everyones opinion on drive current for a 4x4 space. I was thinking 10 cxb3590s driven at 1400ma for starters with possibly swapping the drivers down the road to something like 700ma to increase the amount of cobs in that space. Obviously we all know how expensive...
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    Perpetual cob setup

    Hey guys I was just curious to know what you think would be a great choice in coverage for 4 plant perpetual harvest setup. My desire is to have a setup that I can have 12 plants constantly in flower with a 4 plant one month spread. I have done reading on perpetual setups but my true aim is to...
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    bin numbers and how to choose them

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone can explain what bins are with cobs? I dont know how to choose a cob with a high bin since I dont know what the numbers mean.... Any suggestions? Thanks