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    Has anyone bought seeds from weedseedsexpress and if yu have are they a good breeder ? Have yu got any results
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    Needing some advise

    Ive never gone off the trichoms to harvest but i am gonna give it a crack what do you guys think on the time for this girl?
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    I think im rootbound

    it will be 2 weeks into flower in 3 days and just checked on my plants and theyre drooping i think there rootbound can i get some advise
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    What am i looking at?

    Whats your guys expectations on a grow with 2 plants scrogd in a a 1.2x1.2x2m tent under a 600w hps soil grow
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    Starting a fresh grow

    This will be my 5th grow but first ever in a tent ive just bought a 1200 by 1200 by 2000mm tent it would fit 4 medeoke plants or 2 big fukers in it my question is for that size of a tent wat wattage hps or led light should i use
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    Someone plz tell me theres something yu can do to save the bud!

    I just harvested a week and 4 days ago and now im seeing abit of mold fuck me anyone knoe how to fix it before its gets even worse?
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    She ready?

    Ive chopped her already bur have i chopped at the right time what yall think
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    Is this hermied?

    Wat yu guys recon hermie?
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    1st grow veg outdoor flower indoor

    How long you guys recon till shes done she been in the ten for about 4 weeks and has been budding for about 6and a half weeks