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    Flush without ph?

    Can I flush without ph I think I’m on my last week before harvest ppm isn’t too high so shouldn’t take but a few days to get it down to like 0-50 but I was wondering if I can I do that . If not fine just was trying to save some for the start of next grow
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    Deficiencies after flush ?

    So I’ve been flushing maybe every 3 days mostly when the pot has half dried for maybe 2 weeks I had a lockout ...... ppm runoff of 2235 so I’ve been flushing with ph of 6.0-6.4 so meanwhile I flushed today ppm runoff now is 608 ph of runoff is about 7.0 I’m trying to get the ppm down to 50-100...
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    Living soil super soil?

    I was thinking for my next grow to use soil where I only have to ph and water for either the most of the plants life or even till harvest so I was wondering what are some good amendments and if so price range etc?
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    Day 1 of Sf1000D 2 Weeks to go till harvest

    Hey I just wanted to make this post to update every now and then and get feedback on the light maybe? Came in the mail today got it hooked up right before the light had to come back on from the dark cycle so probably will be good benefits idk... but I’m basically gonna sit here and update maybe...
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    Feed straight after fixing lockout?

    Runoff ppm is at 1410 gonna flush 1 last time with 2 gal tomar if pot feels dry enough ... should get it back to 1100- 1000 but my question is since I had a lockout after it’s situated should I wait to feed it? If so how long if no wait should I start a light feed? Hoping if so me feeding it and...
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    Should I harvest now at week 6

    Week 7 auto this Thursday .. have a lockout but flushed again yesterday ppm runoff is 1410 so we are getting almost back to 1000ppm but I was told trichs and pistils will turn amber if over fert/fed so I was a bit worried thought about giving it a week then chop but I’ve been told to keep going...
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    How much water can I flush a five gal pot

    Got a lockout so I’m flushing I don’t want to overwater and kill it so far I’ve put 2 gal in
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    Plant look healthy mid week 6 ?? Still lockout

    So I’ve had a lockout for idk how long but it seems to be start of 2nd week of flower and I’ve been watering it to sorta flush out the nutes buds are growing in size tho but anyone have any advice
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    Proper ppm range for flowering week 6

    Found out I have a lockout few days ago ppm was 2235 so I waterted/flushed with 1.5 gallons ph water now I just watered a gallon ph water and it’s 1800 so I wanna know should I be in the 1000 range some one said 1500 is the hotspot
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    Buds getting fat white pistils growing? Week 6 auto

    Soil ocean forest 125watt light (shit) Fox farm trio nutes 20/4 light cycle just wondering because I see new white pistils and new swollen calyx’s does that mean they are fattening!! Been waiting on them to fatten
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    Are my pistils brown am I ready to harvest at week 6!!

    Soil ocean forest fox farm trio for nutes cal mag auto flower vegged for 8weeks I think I have a lockout but I was told by one person to harvest cuz it looks done but I though I had about 20-25 days left pistils look orange to me
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    Lockout for weeks on auto

    So this auto is week 6 flower today and I think it’s just a bad thing that has happened that may have stunted my whole flowering cycle before flowering no issues really but anyways I thought everything was under control then I see the new growth has orange reddish spots on it and I feed 5ml of...
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    What week do buds fatten up? Week 5 auto with popcorn nugs

    Week 6 on Thursday I’m just wondering why I’ve got small nugs right now I lollipop here and there to keep energy from being wasted on small buds not getting direct light I try not to defoliant consistently. I’m in fox farm ocean forest soil I used fox farm trio for nutrients and also you cal...
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    Purple leaves on new growth ? Week 5 auto

    soil grow temps are lights on 78-83 lights off 68-72 degrees under a 125w shit light
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    Are my buds fattening ?

    Week 5 auto froyo strain in soil
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    do my trichomes look ready to harvest

    so recently i started a grow sprouted September 27th im 5 weeks in flower tomorrow and this girk is an auto ive been getting told im near the end by one induvial on this website from a previous post so i wanna get more feedback because i honestly feel i should not be harvesting in week 5 i...
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    My growth is slow week 5 flowering auto

    I was just reading about watering with cold water slows the grow I’m gonna be pissed if this is why my buds are still small and the grow is slow... I read that cold water induces lockouts etc so this whole time I’ve been using water from the tub faucet and it’s always cold when you turn it on...
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    Red Spots On Leaves And Leaf Tips Curling upwards

    Title Says it all im running an autoflower which is 5 weeks flower thursday worrying also that its behind because of previous stresss such as nitrogen toxicity and ph problems that i believe to be now fixed i only think its behind because buds are still small and havent fatted up but anyways...
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    Am I SCROG wrong?

    So I’ve been scrog for a day and my main top stem is bent and it’s leaning so I’m worndering sm I doing it wrong becuz I’m not using a tent I’m using more of a space tote so it’s kinda hard to set it up ya know