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    Okay so I’ve just chopped my lil auto flower!

    I’ve got it in a dark tent with a small fan on and a wet t shirt in the tent to keep the humidity up ( I live in the desert) many pointers would be awesome. Time / RH Levels / Ect. really don’t want to have my buds smell like hay. any advice is much appreciated and thanks guys. I think the...
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    What is the best soil to use?

    Looking to order some new soil. I’ve been using Miracle grow and want something better.
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    Any idea of what this could be?

    Little Gorilla Glue auto has some yellowing leaves. just wondering if you may possibly know if it’s a specific Deficiency or what. This plant also was a bit of a runt and didn’t get very big at all. I had snapped the stem early on and I’m sure that slowed her down. thanks!
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    Should I chop her?

    Should I harvest her? She lost basically all of her leaves. Still pretty new to harvesting. It’s been about 80-85 days and she’s an auto flower. Hard to get good photos honestly. Thanks guys
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    70 day old auto. Wondering what I can expect in terms of yield

    70 days from sprout. Critical Purple Auto. Getting close to Harvest? what do you think I’ll get?
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    How close am I to harvest?

    I know the photos aren’t great but I tried.
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    Should I defoliate?

    I think I’m about 50 days old. Should I remove any more leaves? Just curious. I’m not too too far into flower. Just wanted opinions. Thanks guys!
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    Wondering if you guys can rule this out for me

    Just want to know what the deficiency is.
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    Favorite humidity level for Flowering?

    Just thought I’d ask what people prefer. I hear different things. I’ve been keeping my humidity between 50-77%.
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    Plants are 28 days old and have had preflowers now for about a week

    How much progress should I be seeing after seeing pistols now for a week. One plant is an auto flower and the other was a bag seed I’m also hoping is an auto. They are in 24/7 light. i Mainly just want to know if things look okay for being a week into preflower. I just figured I’d see more at...
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    27 day old auto flower

    The plant on the right is an auto flower and the plant on the left was a bag seed from a buddy. Both are 27 days old today and have been showing two pistols on most of the nodes for a few days now. I’ve noticed the pistols get longer and larger but haven’t seen more pop up. Should I be worried...
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    Barely any taproot

    I’ve been germinating now for like 4 days and this is the only bit of tap root thats been showing for the last 2 days. should I just plant it like this or what? I feel like this has been happening with all of my seeds.
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    Why is my auto seedling looking odd?

    5 day old Critical Purple Auto seedling showing off coloration. Any advice would be much appreciated. running under 1 500w and one 1000w LED. (They were cheaper and from eBay) No nutrients given. Only spring water. The max I have been able to get the humidity levels to is about 50% and temps...