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    Day 51 from sprout. My Gold Leaf auto is about 2 weeks into flower...x2 of the other 3 have just started to flower...and the last (Northern Lights) is still in veg. About a week or so ago I gave them all a really nice trim below the canopy. I also thinned out a lot of the fan leaves on top. No...
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    2nd Go RDWC...

    Made some adjustments to my setup for easier resivoir changes...added external recirculation pump. Everything going smoothly! This time I'm using SOG...any tips? Not too sure when or how to go about defoliation.
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    Setup: 1. DWC - 27 gal tote 2. Autoflower Cannabis 3. Micro, Bloom, Grow -slowly increasing as plants mature -full strength approx 8ml per gal -I believe directions say approx 16 ml per gal -I was advised to use half strength 4. PH has never been an issue using this product...
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    Any Guess What This Is?

    Thanks for looking guys this is my blueberry autoflower...1/3. She's about ready to harvest anyway but I wanted to get some opinions on what this rust colored formations are on these leaves. None of my other plants have the same issue. I water all the plants with the same amount of nutrients...
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    To CHOP or CHILL?

    Day 70. X3 Blueberry Auto & x1 Northernlights. All three of my blueberry autos look like they're getting close to harvest time. Trichomes seem pretty cloudy to me...Pistils are around 50 - 60% darkened & curled. Still... Not really sure when I should harvest. See pictures below from my...
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    Upcoming Harvest?

    I have three blueberry autoflower plants that are just finishing up week 10 (day 70). Two of the three seem like they have a few more weeks left however... After closer looks like the trichomes on one of these plants is right around where it needs to be for harvest? Take a look...
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    Flush (is it time yet)?

    I have four plants that have been growing like gang busters since March 6th. Actually...yesterday marked the end of week 9. X3 Blueberry auto plants, X1 Northern Lights. NL plant seems to be a little bit behind the other three BBA plants. Please take a look at the pictures below (the microscope...
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    Seedling Stuck!

    Seedling germinated and appeared to be quite strong. Autoflower Jack Hurer. Planted in DIY self amended I have with all my other plants in the past. My "Day 1" is right around April 25th. Seedling placed in its final home (5 gal cloth pot) and continue to grow for the first few days...