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  1. BaRabus

    Another Chiller Question

    Guys I'm on a budget to get a used chiller. I found this one for $100 might be able to haggle the teacher down a's a 1/6 HP for my RDWC Can I put this in my 5 Gallon Reservoir to keep my Temps down? It cools 10-60 gallon Aquariums I found some traditional ones but I'm awaiting...
  2. BaRabus

    New RDWC system Chiller Install Problem

    Hey Guys... I just received my new Root Box 4 Bucket RDWC system. I have configured it to a 2 bucket system until I move. However, the problem lies with the dam chiller (35L more than enough for the system) I bought. I'm trying not to send it back if You guys can help me configure a way to...
  3. BaRabus

    How much more Light?

    Hey guys.. I posted this question on my Grow Journal... Below is my Grow Tent 47x57x72 I'm using a 1600w LED LIGHTON. I'm using it cause it will divide and allow full coverage throughout the tent. However, I'm wondering if adding another 1600w or 2000w would be too much for the tent with my...
  4. BaRabus

    Blue Gelato #41 Grow Journal (DWC)

    Finally, It's time to start this grow journal. For over a month I have been trying to start my seeds in Coco Coir Pellets...With No Success. However, I used Rapid Rooters for my Blue Gelatos and they are in the 2nd Week now...YES I have a Vivosun 47x57x72 Grow tent with A 4" Inline Fan on a...
  5. BaRabus

    Help! My First Indoor DWC Grow 1 of 3 Going Down

    Hi Guys.. I have Been trying to germinate my White Runtz with no Success. However, I have started my Dos Si Dos #33 and I threw in 2 Bag of Seeds My Bag was Mid-Lime and in this area that which is common that it reminded me of was Green Crack so, I tried to bring it back and get some Nice...
  6. BaRabus

    NEW To Indoor/DWC Potting Question

    Hey Guys.. I am starting in about another week... Everything has arrived and I started doing my Pre Set-up to see if everything for the 1st Grow would be in Order. I ordered 1 bag of Hydrotone clay pebbles. However, I didn't realize my Net Pots were of 10" So, I'm using a CoCo Soil Mix...