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  1. zem

    Flushing with sugar

    Hi, i was looking into flushing products like clearex and flora clean, and it seems that they are made up of glucose and sucrose, and those are useful in promoting bacterial growth for soil and also have some chemical properties that break down salt buildup and help flushing the medium. Although...
  2. zem

    What does that look like?

    I am in ebb and flow, this problem does not occur with GH ferts, but with my DIY recipe. a quick reply would be to tell me to switch to GH but my buds are bigger and better with my recipe even with this problem. I tried lowering and upping calcium, flushing, and what else, nothing seems to help...
  3. zem

    ozone generator dissolved O2

    In a big reservoir, where roots will be submerged, I am planning on injecting enough O2 into the water in an economical method and have seen ozone generators running for big aquariums. My question is, would this work for plants in providing O2 for roots without the need of an airpump? I am...
  4. zem


    i have seen lots of formulas that dont have or mention any silicate. now i bounce into this info, that silicate is a good nutrient, wtf is going on? is there silicate in regular tap or well water?
  5. zem

    Which is the best commercial hydroponic medium?

    so as the title says, which is the most suitable medium to grow hydroponically and commercially to start for example a tomato, strawberry, cucumber or so farm? it has to be economical and not too labor intensive. I looked into expanded clay, perlite, rockwool, gravel, coconut coir, coco, and...
  6. zem

    I am here because of the Air Bag!

    it was 15 hours ago, i went with my friend in my 2002 Mercedes 230 coupe to a movie rental got a DVD then passed by a drive through took sandwiches and as i was leaving, a maniac driver came straight to my side door at high speed with a BIG Land Rover 4x4 and hit me hard, the car was displaced...
  7. zem

    3" or 4" pipes for vertical NFT system?

    so i'm planning a simple vertical NFT system with pipes standing like columns and i'm unsure wether to get 3" or 4" pipes. i'm thinking that 3" maybe better to cover the roots with water droplets but i'm worried that it might be too small to fit the rootballs?
  8. zem

    Where to Buy Bulk Seeds like 10,000?

    so if one wanted to buy a huge amount of good genetics, say a batch of outdoor F2 seeds of good strains, is there a company that does such deals?
  9. zem

    anti-MJ science website ""

    in this website, i read few articles against all use of marijuana claiming that medical mj is a fraud and that it restricts white blood cell maturation destroying immunity etc..etc... check them out and share your thoughts :D...
  10. zem

    what plastic for Greenhouse cover?

    I'm planning on building a small greenhouse soon and i was looking into greenhouse plastic covers and i'm lost. there is quite a range of specifications. i can chose any of the following additives to the plastic _EVA and IR to prevent temp fluctuations _UV stabilizer _pest control additive...
  11. zem

    Cannabutter Trial And Success! : D

    so i had this jar of trim i thought i wanted to give cannabutter a real try, i just got 200gram of high fat butter and used a small kettle and 16g of trim. i melted the butter in it added the finely powdered trim and kept stirring on the lowest heat possible, actually i had to keep raising the...
  12. zem

    Do I Need Further Drying Or Not?

    well this harvest will last for very long time, it's been 2 months since i harvested, and the last 2 weeks i have only opened up the jars once. so when do you think they can be kept in the jars without any opening at all? they seem dry but when i cut through the bud it seems like it does have...
  13. zem

    For RIU's Sake! Vertical Growing Forum

    the most efficient growing method, there's a whole website about vertical growing, it's so much worth it and helpful in here to have a forum for vertical growing:
  14. zem

    Diy Switchable Grow Tray (Flood/Drain & Dwc)

    due to the request of some fellow growers, i will post a brief hopefully understandable DIY method of how i make my grow trays. this has come after years of experimenting and trying different things and i find this to be the best and the cheapest. the key is to find the black geomembrane, it is...
  15. zem

    Shrinks Don't Give A Damn About You!

    so i finally was stupid enough to go to a shrink. basically i was uneasy with the fact that when i abstain for like a week from smoking MJ i become a bit more nervous than usual. so i thought maybe she would help by givin advice and maybe some herbal stuff. i don't like to feel like i may be...
  16. zem

    i need to buy a good vaporizer in Montreal

    can anyone recommend a place? and a vape?
  17. zem

    Making MDMA??

    i was wondering if one can make pure mdma from chemicals easily attainable? i know you need to get MDP2P but itself is very hard to get so you need to extract it from something like safrole. but this also seems outdated and arises suspicion to buy similar to MDP2P so was wondering about a purely...
  18. zem

    Hydroponic business, what do you think??

    i've been reading about hydroponic farming for growing various types of crops and i am actually considering to start with a hydro business, i'm in a country where theres very litle knowledge if any about hydro so that has pros and cons for a new hydro investment. i am wondering where to start...
  19. zem


    hello everyone:) i'm new in here, been growing for some 6 years now, have been in several MJ sites, some that have crashed and others that had not enough action goin on. whenever i searched up some info i always found myself in here, so i decided i should signup. i'm an indoor grower, i run...