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  1. Jay7t5

    Bluetooth hygrometer, my thoughts

    So I bought a hygrometer Only this 1 is Bluetooth, it's around £8-12 so not too expensive, you download an app then you pair it then you have a digital display on your phone to keep track, and the party trick is that you can set it up to send you notifications if the temperature or humidity is...
  2. Jay7t5

    Paradise seeds

    So ive been given a offer of a free pack of 3 seeds from paradise,other than sensi star is there anything else worth doing? Big yielder,stinky,preferably,ive Never tried them before, feel free to leave your experiences Cheers
  3. Jay7t5

    Bodhi 8 week strains, decent yields

    Any 8 week or under 9wk strains by bodhi?
  4. Jay7t5

    Who's is better, 9lb hammer TGA or jinxproof ?

    So it's Christmas again and looking to do a order, I'm torn between TGA, jinxproof (never tried), and Bodhi, I have drawn a short list cheese quake,9lb hammer,cherry queen, Appalachian S Skunk, wookie hashplant,chernobyl,any input would be welcome, I prefer heavy yields, stinky, and no more than...
  5. Jay7t5

    Won't use bodhi again worst Hermies in 10 Bodhi

    So after reading up on all the hype about bodhi strains i decided to Give a couple of strains a go myself sunshine daydream And blueberry hashplant, I germinated 5 bbhp and 7ssdd I had 3 blueberry hashplant females and 2 females from the sunshine daydream which is pretty piss poor if you ask me...
  6. Jay7t5

    Newbie breeder, Any tips

    So I got myself some bodhi seeds blueberry hashplants and sunshine daydream, I had a few sunshine daydream males I picked 1 Which actually fooled me in the beginning when I didn't know how to sex a plant in veg mode and put it in my assumed female group until flower to my surprise it was a...
  7. Jay7t5

    Budmaster GOD 4 so far so GOD LOL

    So I have decided to go down the led road as my electric bill has come to the point where you must sell some of your meds to keep it economical,my bill was heading towards 1400 a year and I'm only using a 600w and a 6"extraction filter a metre cube veg room 300w CFL and a clone type box home...
  8. Jay7t5

    conversions for amendments organics Check this link if you are stuck Like me converting amounts of amendment's for small batches how much ppm of each amendments needed when feeding conversions from mg/cuft/L PH range everything is there have a look share it
  9. Jay7t5

    Male? Anyone 2nd opinion please?

    Just want a 2nd opinion guys is this a male? For once im hoping so im out of room lol i know I've got 2 out of 5 so im happy so far thanks for looking
  10. Jay7t5

    My first topping experience

    So spent few years away from the scene and just got back into it, after some reading in decided to go with blue dream and green crack and had spicy white devil freebie and critical 2 I was expecting good things from blue dream but I might be on my own here but think it's mild smell just average...
  11. Jay7t5

    Male or female Can you tell these pics?

    So I have decided to give bohdi seeds a go and split half of them now got the fun part of ditching the males, 1 of them started to show may be a bit early so just wondering if anyone done blueberry hashplant by bohdi and been through it feel free leave a comment on what you think it is M or F...
  12. Jay7t5

    Sexing 2nd opinion please anyone on my blueberry hashplants?

    So I've done my research and decided to give regulars a try by bohdi seeds and first off i must say 100% germination pre soaked 12 hrs paper towel 12 more then sown all set your watch by them popped up less than 48 hrs they were given water with rhizo in it ph'd its now 3 weeks and they're...
  13. Jay7t5

    First time organics grow help needed

    So I have decided to give organics a go as im pretty tired of ph and nutrients and went out bought plagron batmix bio bizz light mix, fish mix, worm castings humus, grow/bloom/topmax, elixir kelp meal bone meal garden lime mykos mycorrhizial fungi perlite 15ltr pots so is there anything else...
  14. Jay7t5

    Diagnoses help? Ph problem or nutrient?or neither?

    Hi folks got a problem with 1 of my girls she's looking like she's lacking N or something like that any suggestions on what it is? I also like to know what's the best way to rectify ph in soil? For example i done a run off test with 7.5ph water going in and came out 6.6 so im guessing my ph...