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  1. Tripp2005

    Cabinet dog blue dream/holy grail kush

    4 week veg happy frog soil and one feeding then to 12 12 5 weeks ago day 40 of 65-70 since flip have had 2 feedings of bc bloom at 1000 ppm in a feed/water/water cycle looking really nice holy grail on left blue dream on right
  2. Tripp2005

    2nd dwc run holy grail kush f1

    Hi everyone starting a grow journal 600 watt hps dwc 16 site will be veging 6 and prob only flower 4 use the other 2 for a nice batch of clones ran into a bunch of problems last run and with everything I've learned my goal weight will be 600g 1 gram per watt we will see tho took 8 clones into...
  3. Tripp2005

    Super closet bloom box 1st dwc grow

    Anyone else using this setup
  4. Tripp2005

    Ppm for dwc is it sopposed to be lower then normal

    I'm on week 3 day 5 running 650 ppm advanced next res change was going to up it to 1000 my buddy's running ebb and flow with same strains at 1500 but I'm running dwc so I'm worried about burning them any advice first time hydro dwc grow any help would be appreciated
  5. Tripp2005

    Do u count week 1 as the first week of flower or transition?

    Is week one flower a transition week or do you count it as week one?
  6. Tripp2005

    Grow while we can

    So Canada just re did the medical majuwanna program and now there not allowed to grow it just buy it from dispenserys because the system was open for abuse so now they are regulating it like alcohol etc won't be long before we go that route as well but I really hope not what do you guys think...
  7. Tripp2005

    Best hydroponics ebooks

    Lookng for some good reading material on hydroponics an advanced growing thanks ahead of time
  8. Tripp2005

    Super closet

    Anyone use stuff from super closet for hydro sog setup how were the overall results