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  1. Silversun

    Manganese [Mn] deficiency? Looking for verification.

    I have a purple kush clone I picked up on the 5th of July from my local collective. She vegged for over 2 months while I trained her into a scrog screen. I started 12/12 on Aug 27th. I am using a 3 gallon black and white poly grow bag with FFOF soil, after the soils nutes where depleted I...
  2. Silversun

    400w HPS in a 2'x2' cab 7 weeks into flowering.

    Ken's GDP flowering under a 400w HPS for 7 weeks. How much longer should I wait to harvest? My plan was to wait for at least the average 8 weeks but I'm not totally sure, I'm think maybe 9. Let me know what you guys think. Here are a few pics, the last two is of the center cola.
  3. Silversun

    Motorsport's Videos!

    Post'em if you got'em.
  4. Silversun

    DIY stealth grow cab recently finished.

    Hey RIU stealth box growers! Recently finished my stealth cab build and wanted to share it with all of you. I see a lot of great cabs here and have gotten tons of idea's from them. Hope you enjoy! Link to my cab build thread...
  5. Silversun

    Rep your wellness center/cannabis club!

    As the title says! Love my wellness center!!
  6. Silversun

    Second grow, new grow cab. Sugar Kush!

    So I started my second grow, I will be growing 2 Sugar Kush plants from clones. They are supposed to be Indica/Sativa but they look Sativa dom. I have moved on from the cardboard box to a more permanent grow cab, the flower side still needs to be finished. The nutes I will be using are the same...
  7. Silversun

    Starting my second grow off with a new cab.

    Hows it going! Are you at home sitting in front of your computer screen smoking a bowl and board as hell? Well have I got the solution for you! Its a tale of epic proportions, so without further further adieu, lets join up with the hero of our story! Lol ok all joking aside, I just finished...
  8. Silversun

    Spider mites durring flowering and Hot Shot No-Pest strips.

    Well last night I found out that I have a spider mite problem, I had a few webs on the lower branches which I removed along with the branches as they were not getting any light anyhow. So after doing some research on the best way to remove these unwanted guests I found a lot of people praising...
  9. Silversun

    1st grow, Super Silver Haze.

    Just wanted to post a link to my grow here in the grow journal section. Let me know what you guys think! :bigjoint:
  10. Silversun

    First grow, CFL's, having issues with yellowing.

    Hey guys, this is my first grow. It has been good so far but I'm having issues with yellowing on my leaves. If anyone could give me some ideas as to what it could be that would be awesome. My lights are about 2-3ins from the top of the canopy. Link to my grow. :leaf...
  11. Silversun

    1st grow/1 plant/4x45w 6500k/GH flora series.

    Hello, so this is my first grow. I've been researching all different types of growing from outdoor soil to indoor aeroponics and hydroponics. So when I got a fee clone as a 1st time customer gift at my local wellness center, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to grow. She will be 2 weeks old...