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  1. dolchmann

    Do you still need CalMag while using Biotabs

    Has anyone growing auto's had a CalMag deficit while using Biotabs? This is my first time using Biotabs. On day 19 or 20. J
  2. dolchmann

    Add Soil

    Here is a really dumb question, I am in the starting stage of flower. I filled my pots with soil and now the soil has settled 1.5 to 2.5 inches down from the top Of my grow bags. Should I put more soil in each bag? I am growing feminized plants. I kept them in the veg state for 6 weeks...
  3. dolchmann

    Plain tap water

    Hello Forum Members, I am getting ready to grow some Mephisto Skywalker seeds. Fem Auto. I want to use Mephisto's website grow instructions, using Aurora 707 soil. I have purchased the Biotabs as my only nutritional supplement. Mephisto recommends using only tap water and not PH Corrected...
  4. dolchmann


    Has any one used BioTabs Fertiliser Tablets on their plants, it says to use with plain tap water? Seems pretty simple ? J
  5. dolchmann


    Hello Forum Members, I have bought my seeds from Brothers Grimm seeds and I49 seeds. The Brothers Grimm seeds are fantastic!! The I49 seeds are hit and miss, mainly miss. Unless you (by accident) find a good strain. I need another seed bank that grows genetically viable seeds. I will always...
  6. dolchmann

    Humidifier during winter

    My indoor plants are growing funky. I suspect the humidity is too low. It is around 28 most of the time. Does any one have any tricks or suggestions? Thanks to any that respond. J
  7. dolchmann

    Paper bag curing

    I need help! Can anyone please explain the paper bag method, or any other easy space saving cure methods. D
  8. dolchmann

    Stigma vs Pistils

    A dumb question?? Are Pistils... and Stigmas the same thing. J
  9. dolchmann

    To flush or not to flush

    I have never flushed before. I was not satisfied by the taste of my grow. I bought a jug of Grotek. I use cloth pots. Does anyone have any advice for a first time flusher? If you do, it would be greatly appreciated. J
  10. dolchmann

    White Widow

    This is my only plant, it sprouted on 09-14-20. I recently gave it a VERY small dose of Seabird Guano and the leaves started turning yellow. Do most growers not use any supplements on their Auto Flower plants ??? Does any one have any helpful advice? The last 2 pictures are of the buds and...
  11. dolchmann

    Auto NOT Flowering

    Hello Forum Members, I am growing 2 Auto plants, Gorilla Glu and White Widow, the White Widow started flowering at 2 weeks, the Gorilla Glu appears to have a stunted flowering. Both are a month old. It seems like it is not going into the flowering stage correctly. Has anyone else had...
  12. dolchmann

    Topping Ruderalis

    Does anyone know if I am supposed to top Ruderalis plants, or are they best left alone? I want to thank all that respond. J
  13. dolchmann


    How important is CalMag to our grows. I am using the Aurora organics, and CalMag is not on any of their feeding schedules. So I forgot to use it. How often should I apply it. Thanks to all that reply. J
  14. dolchmann

    Planted 06-13-20

    I wonder if I have Graduated from Newbie??? Planted 06-13-20 J 3 different BUDS
  15. dolchmann

    Nutrients Smell

    I mix up 2 or 3 days worth of nutrients and on the 2nd and 3rd day they get this sickly smell. Am I making a mistake should I just be mixing up enough for the day? J
  16. dolchmann

    My KQXX plants

    Hello Forum Members, I am growing 2 strains. I would like for you to see them to see if anyone with more experience than I can see anything wrong. These 4 plants are all of the same strain, I have not grown in 35 years and this is my first attempt. I call this KQ XX #1, it was a seedling...
  17. dolchmann

    Too Close to the light

    Hello Forum Members, I am nearly on week 5 of my first grow in 35 years. I might be keeping my light too close to the plants. I have enclosed a picture of the tops of a plant. Are the yellowish ends a sign that the light is too close? Thanks to any one that helps. JacK The...
  18. dolchmann

    New to growing??

    Hello Good People, I grew indoors in the 70's and early 80's. Back then seeds were cheap and you had many varieties. And I used what we used back then and had success. It has been at least 35 years since my last crop. Now I am not a OutLaw. But EVERYTHING is different. I got my seedlings up...
  19. dolchmann

    Watt calculator

    How are you guys figuring out the wattage of your set ups? How do you know how much power it is drawing. I bought a large above ground swing pool in the same month as I set up my grow tent. So it would be nice to know how much I am paying for the grow set up. Thanks to anyone that helps me...
  20. dolchmann

    Adding Fish Sh!T

    Hello, I have been getting the PH to 6.0 for my water, I now realize I might should of been shooting for 6.5. But I added my Fish Sh!T to my water, it is time, and then tested the water for PH, did I do it backwards. Because it seems the Fish Sh!T made my water more alkaline. Our water is...