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  1. undercoverfbi

    Southern Colorado Growers

    Hello...? Anyone out there in the pikes peak region? Im excited for next years outdoor, as far away as it is. When spring 2020 comes ill be curious for local genetics, if anyone wants to point me in such a direction. (I missed the opportunity to grow outdoors this year :-|)
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    List em! I tend to like these instrumental, vaporwave like songs. I can get down on instrumental rap too but I prefer...
  3. undercoverfbi

    Homelessnss: Survival n Help

    Goy any stories? Anyone else homeless on the streets ? Tips?
  4. undercoverfbi

    Alledged distribution

    Lets say my friend was over at his sisters house one evening. She was gone all night, and my friend noticed his nephew had a small little glass pipe and lighter. His nephew said he went through his mom's room and found that pipe and white lighter with a small bit of flower . So my friend left...
  5. undercoverfbi

    Your Stache Box n Tray

    Title says it all. Show is what ya got. My roomate currently has an old, marvellously maintained sewing end table that I found sitting on a sidewalk curb. Sturdy and solid wood 'furniture' piece itself This sewing desk also happens to be designed for the perfect, and I mean PERFECT storage...
  6. undercoverfbi

    Someone just shot up YouTube HQ

    Developing, disheartening and frustrating. Whack jobs everywhere, stay vigilant and stoned.
  7. undercoverfbi

    Ash Residue after Dabbing

    Howdy. Ive noticed from one specific extract Company here in colorado has product that leave behind some form of Ash n shit. I never experienced this before. Any insight?
  8. undercoverfbi

    I Beat Hard Drug Addiction

    I'm back, back with and for all the right reasons. So as some of you may have already noticed, I became curious then committed to living a methamphetamine users life. I had cheap access to quality shards through a once-considered friend of mine. Very bad combo that often leads to friendship...
  9. undercoverfbi

    Badass Backyards or Chill Spots

    Show and Tell your Backyards that you all would enjoy chilling with fellow RIU members I hand Crafted my Fully Mason'd Fire Pit. Allows for superior barbecue and excellent way to safely remove shrubbery Lots of room and elevation for Mamma and Pappa cat to teach Milky White Kitten to hunt...
  10. undercoverfbi

    (HS) Jibber Jabber Thread

    Jesus McChrist hair winkle balls. I did a cough syrup trip on top of low tolerance thc dabbing 'sweet cheese', a fine mmj shatter. Did three shots liquor to include apple crown Royale. Whilst still slightly buzzed from white mouse. I've never been so disappointed but so fucking high in my life...
  11. undercoverfbi

    Fall Season Cold/Flu

    Anyone else suffering from the common cold out or some nasty flu shit I came down with a gnarly sickness thats got me aching, burning and sluggish. cough is terrible. Smoking some of this Primo MMJ, Levi's Watermelon, has me feeling a lot better tho. If I tried to dab, I would die right now...
  12. undercoverfbi

    The I quit hard drugs thread

    I got a woman now who has agreed to marry me I busted my nut in her like fireworks cuz im a pshyco that wants to seal the deal and she wants a kid too Anyway this woman has convinced me to be more of a man and now i quit hard drugs
  13. undercoverfbi

    Southern Colorado country-town 2k16

    Im not just a troubled tweaker from the hallucinatory section A.K.A satan's Ive put a lot of effort with my free time, its been challenging, however im excited to eat what i sow Ive already planted Two corn variety, pumpkin, peppers, onion, sunflower, cucumber, basil Ive yet to add Squash...
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    Piece of shit run of the mill rookie cops couldnt catch the man, the lady could have done a shit ton to have prevented the situation escalate from minute 1 its like an episode of COPS, god daum
  15. undercoverfbi

    Would you jack off your pot plant

    If you could, would you? even if it didn't add quality to it's health? for shits and giggles, lets google if sperm can germinate a weed seed... in fact.. catch yall with a pic in few days
  16. undercoverfbi

    Thought We're Passed This... How the hell did big brother find out there was a relatively big grow op going on? I assume the renters are MMJ patients who have a high plant count and the fuzz took a look.. but still how does...
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    Man unless im blind, where the fuck is the anime thread we must have one Anime is very delicious Im not a fan of mainstream happy go lucky anime such as Naruto Shippuden, One Piece, etc. I fucking love Ecchi, they can be mature, top notch adult humor shows with legit plots to follow Take...
  18. undercoverfbi

    What are you cooking tonight

    I was a vegetarian for three years but broke that pussy bullshit trend last month Since then ive been trying to reverse the effects to my body tonight I'm going to try collard greens for the first time in chop up some boneless chicken and it had some corn and make a spaghetti meal on the side...
  19. undercoverfbi

    56 Pounds of You Fucked Up Your house smells like a dispensary! With the amount of profit they could earn, why not just pay the utility bills and find a good under the table, trustworthy guy to set up your wiring if...
  20. undercoverfbi

    Dabbing Crystals

    SWIM noticed a friend who responsibly and casually dabs meth The SWIM got curious and asked how it is, both bad and good ------------- So you wanna dab meth? First thing is first, go in healthy. Make sure youve eaten and have plenty of water. You want your blood sugar levels proper, and...