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  1. rcpilot04401

    Bubble Hash Question

    I've got a stupid question...I'm trying to pack as much THC in my oil as possible. So I'm decarbing my weed first and then I'm going to make bubble hash. Has anyone done it that way before? I know...people usually do it the other way around...but want to try it this way......any one try it?
  2. rcpilot04401

    Getting the best out of the plant

    I've finally set myself all up...I have the bowl trimmer, the bags for the hash, and just got a 2 ton press for x-mas for the mrs. and she also got me one of those HI infusion machines the tommy chong talks about. But here's my problem. How do I get the best out of the plant I heat up...
  3. rcpilot04401


    alright, I hope this is the place for this question. When do you start counting days to harvest? From the day you started to flower the day you see your first signs of a flower?
  4. rcpilot04401

    Mother Plants

    How old should a mother plant be to be a good mother plant? Mine are over a year old and I plan on using them into the future. Does keeping the same mother plant have any advantage do you know? I'm just hoping that as they mature they develops a unique flavor and effect. Like a fine wine. Does...
  5. rcpilot04401

    Subcool's Ripped Bubba

    First, let me be offense to anyone out there that loves subcool..but I hate the name for this strain...I'm sure he had his reasons..but since I'm bald short and fat and I'm with my friend I'm going to call it Ripped Buddha. Everyone will know that Subcool started the genetics of...
  6. rcpilot04401

    PH for 20 gallon barrel

    Alright, as the saying goes, first time, long time...LOL. That's not true...I always put my 2 cents worth in from time to time. So here's what I'm doing. I am always up grading. Every single year, and this year I decided to go with hydo. So I have a 20 gallon bucket with a bubbler to feed 8...
  7. rcpilot04401

    Boston friend

    Hey all...I'm asking for a friend...she moved from Indiana to Boston because she is a tattoo artist...and she says Boston is dry, unless if you have a card of course...I told her she needs to get her card...I'm up here in Maine, but I'm not going to drive to Boston for her, and I told her about...
  8. rcpilot04401

    Just a follow up question

    it has been very helpful last question was, what is the max TDS reading I should have when feeding my babies, and ya'll said about 1500...and I've noticed a little difference...I'm going to have to download my pics to my phone. I must say, the water doesn't look all that darker now...
  9. rcpilot04401

    Total TDS

    Alright, I'm trying to figure this out...I just got a TDS meter and my water is about an 82 ppm...what I'm wondering is, what is the maximum TDS I should have when I'm feeding my plants? I heard somewhere around 1500 ppm is the max. Anyone have any ideas on that? Anything would help, thnxs.
  10. rcpilot04401

    Bud Rot problems...

    Hi everyone, I haven't been on here for a while cause I took some time off from growing, mainly because I was lazy, but hopefully I'm back up and I have one plant outside, because I do most of my growing indoors and use the outdoor ones for edibles mostly. So this one outdoor plant I...
  11. rcpilot04401

    Maybe this is where I'm suppose to post this.

    Hey everyone, I have a quick question...has anyone ever sexed a Jack the Ripper plant? I did a few years ago, and for the life of me I don't remember. I know, I should write things down, but hey, I'm growing for myself and my wife, so I'm more or less treating it like a veg garden. But, it's...
  12. rcpilot04401

    Sexing my "Jack the Ripper" plants.

    Hey everyone, I have a quick question...has anyone ever sexed a Jack the Ripper plant? I did a few years ago, and for the life of me I don't remember. I know, I should write things down, but hey, I'm growing for myself and my wife, so I'm more or less treating it like a veg garden. But, it's...
  13. rcpilot04401

    I have returned

    Hello all, I'm up here in the friggin cold state of Maine, I REALLY hate snow....Oi Vey...Well, I'm growing something I got from a friend..something called farmers cheese...I think someone here combined it with some cheese strain, but then again, I could be wrong...I don't know the facts. I will...
  14. rcpilot04401

    a returning newbie

    Hi there's really been a long time since I've posted in here...about 5 years I think...I haven't looked...well, I'm thinking about getting back into the growing thing. I've had a couple of run ins with the DEA, not that they were going after me, but a friend of mine they are...
  15. rcpilot04401

    Help...what's on my leaf

    I don't know what this is. I don't know if it's some mold or something but I know it's not some bug, because I use my microscope on it and didn't see anything so if anybody knows what this might be I would greatly appreciate it
  16. rcpilot04401

    curing times.

    I'm going to take some time off from partaking of my medicine...get my tolerance I've always wondered...does weed age like wine...what would happened if you cured it for a year? Has anyone in here have any that long? I mean, what if I found in the basement some of my grandfathers...
  17. rcpilot04401

    just harvested my JTR

    Well, I'm another step closer to getting better at growing this's a gorgeous strain, when done right, with a lot of a new camera, so the pic isn't all that great...but it gives you an idea. Just gotta get use to using the super macro on this camera, I want to get...
  18. rcpilot04401

    Question for Subcool

    hey subcool...I'm growing your strain Jack the Ripper..awesome problem is I keep getting banana's...and it's my fault...I've been over feeding 'em...not giving 'em time to grow, trying to force 'em. So I'm wondering, how did you grow 'em? Do you have a video or something? I'm going...
  19. rcpilot04401

    eating the medicine?? Anyone try this?

    Hey Guys, finally got my wife to come around to my way of thinking for her MS. She was in so much pain, and she is allergic to most pain killers, and wouldn't even consider taking the weed cause she doesn't like smoking or using the vaporizer. But I went to my natural living center and got these...
  20. rcpilot04401

    Hi to Everyone, from the cold state of Maine...

    Hi there everyone...I've been growing for about 3 years now, and still I'm learning more and more everyday. I've always wondered why all my leaves have turned yellow during my growing in both phases of growth, and near the end, they would usually hermaphadite on me...probably spelled that...