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  1. Dank Budz

    Strains that make you laugh

    I remember back in the day having laughing fits with my friends until I couldn't breathe, we probably looked insane lol. I was curious was this more of a tolerance thing or are certain strains known to bring about laughter ? I can't remember the last time I got like that aside from maybe shrooms.
  2. Dank Budz

    Keep or kill

    Chernobyl x Blueberry f4 showing resin production early on, not to mention them purps, not from cold temps btw, popped one other seed awhile back of same strain and it was dark purple but hermied on me. Showed sex early and I've heard that could bring out less than desirable traits in the...
  3. Dank Budz

    Obligatory is she ready post

    Buds starting to swell, hairs receding into calyx, zero white hairs, outdoors
  4. Dank Budz

    My one and only male

    So I'm doing a little experiment, recently back to growing after years away. Have a few girls outside. This icy grapes male is outdoor as well, though seperate from the females. This male is TINY, it's very young too for showing its sex. (They were all planted late in season, part of...
  5. Dank Budz

    Well this is odd

    Have never seen a seedling show color like this, thought it was dying but the leaves are a real deep red/purple. The strain is limonene queen (chernobyl x blueberry)
  6. Dank Budz

    Little help por favor

    Can anyone help identify this little shit?
  7. Dank Budz

    Back after many years

    Hello all, I used to post here quite a bit back in the day, got the itch a few weeks ago and well here we are. I'm doing a little test, to see if it will work out, I love the plants and this is more for fun than anything. Right now I have 2 topanga bananas fem and 1 kelly maxwell reg seedlings...
  8. Dank Budz

    Dank Diaries

    Howdy all, Now I may be "new" but im not new to RIU, I had another account on here I made it back in 08 but for certain reasons I had to make a new account. And here we are:-P So for my setup im running a 4ft x 2ft x 5ft grow tent thats in a cabinet in my room for stealth. The light I use is...