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    Alibaba 240w QB

    How do I know which kingbrite 240w to buy? There are a bunch of selections
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    Help with flushing

    So I was apparently watering my plants in coco wrong and the salts were building up but I caught it in time before lockout or burn. The EC was pretty high tbh. But I flushed with nute solution diluted to half strength of what I would normally give. My normal inflow PPM would be 600 so I flushed...
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    Plant check

    How normal is it for a leaf to look that way and also whats up with the purple stems? Oh and also how normal is it for root to start showing through coco? Check pictures
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    Time for top?

    Not sure if she's ready for top or not
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    Is she dying?

    I transplanted from solo cup to 3 gal fabric pot about 4 hours ago and now she's seriously drooping. Im scared. Is this normal? I'm using coco/perlite
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    Is there a such thing as too low EC? I mixed my nites based of a chart I found but the EC/ ppm is lower than recommended
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    How often should i water/feed?

    I'm giving just calmag and water until they sprout. But how often should I be watering?
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    Wetting agent

    whats this i hear about using a little dish soap as a wetting agent to get a more efficient watering? How much is a little bit? I'm only asking because it would seem dish soap could be harmful to plants. I am trying to save money if I don't have to buy yucca extract.
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    Ph dropping bad

    I started my ph at 5.8 earlier today and about 6 or 7 hours later im at 3.6. Whats up with this?
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    Heat sress maybe?

    First grow, doing my res changes right now as we speak. Need help moving forward
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    Is this seedling ok?

    I germinated 2 wedding cakes kinda long and I planted them. This is how they look 12 hours later
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    Too much suction or negative pressure

    So with my exhaust fan turned on to there is too much suction of my tent. I have 2 intake holes, not really trying to buy inline fan. I am thinking about opening the vent on the bottom right or the one on the opposite side. Good idea? Whats the green film called to put over the vent window?
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    Ph water

    I'm wondering if I can pre ph balance some water for topping off my plants in the fridge which would also help keep the res slightly cooled off?
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    So my tent is in my basement which is super humid but I don't want to put the dehumidifier inside because it'll heat it up. Is it possible to rig it to a duct hole other than my passive intake hole?
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    4x4 tent humidity problem

    4x4x6 tent, ac infinty 6inch exhaust, air cooled hood, passive intake down low. My tebt is in the basement, don't have any plants running just yet, just testing my setup. My average basement humidity right now is 74% with temp around 78. Inside the tent humidity is around 73% with the exhaust...
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    Anyone decent with plumbing or piping?

    I'm trying to install a drain bay in my basement (utility sink without faucet) so that I can have a place to empty my water instead of running upstairs. Trouble is where I want to connect the pipe from my sink to my drain, its 4 ft off the ground, same height as the washer machine! How do I...
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    Feeding flora trio with armor si and hydrogaurd.

    How do i figure out how much armor si and hydrogaurd to add? And is that the right schedule for DWC in 5 gallon buckets?
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    Ehaust help

    The window opens inward towards me. I want to stick my duct tubing through there and seal up around it. Any ideas or suggestions?