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  1. caveman117

    plate and pid controller kits.

    Hey guys , long time since I've posted but I had a question that I've been having some difficulty getting an answer to. I recently bought a plate and controller set up tO attach to my press. The pid had the whole aerial plug set up to the plates. Seemed pretty straight forward although there...
  2. caveman117

    question about couplings.

    Hi there! So I have a question regarding couplings on a cls. Right now I only have one 316ss hose, both ends are MNPT and need to both go into valves that are FNPT. The problem I'm having is that I don't want to have to spin the extractor or the recovery tank onto the hose. So I'm debating...
  3. caveman117

    question about cls.

    Hi there, I have a question about slapping together a cls. Its all hypothetical as I've.never used cls and I don't really plan on it.unless I start running.much bigger batches more frequently. But I've seen active closed loops in the range of $1500-$2000+ and passive systems for marginally...
  4. caveman117

    bomb seeds (bubble, thc, big)

    Hey there started up some bombs. The indica leaning towards the back is bubble bomb and the one towards the front is big bomb. The sativa leaning ones are all thc bomb regs. I'll update every weekend.
  5. caveman117

    anyone going up to sunday river on sunday?

    Hey guys anyone going up to the river on Sunday? Its their maine day and its free for us mainers. Last chance to get some runs in up there this year. Always reminded me of that scene from caddy shack when they give all the caddys 15 minutes in the pool.
  6. caveman117


    Hi there, gonna.start an ongoing journal/thread for MOB. Right now I have one about 2 weeks into flower. And a few that are vegging that will probably end up being tossed outside in a few weeks. So heres a.couple pics of the mob currently. Unfortunately it seems the strains genetics have...
  7. caveman117

    suggestion on one more strain to start?

    Hi there, been a while since I've been on here but I'm starting some new.strains I.ordered and I can't decide what to start first haha. The strains I got are as Follows: FEMALE SEEDS- Blueberry.cheesecake Lemon kush Iced grapefruit Bubblegummer BOMB SEEDS- Bubble bomb Thc bomb Big...
  8. caveman117

    the D

    hey there, just wanted to ask the people of riu what their favorite tenacious d song is? so many greats to choose from but id say I gotta go with kielbasa.
  9. caveman117

    thinking about building a bigger flower area.

    hi there! currently I'm flowering in a 20"x6'x5' closet and vegging in the open room (which is where I started growing originally but had problems with light leaks). in this closet I have 2 400w air cooled high pressure sodiums. in this closet I have no space for fans really so circulation is...
  10. caveman117

    have an idea for grow that could be fun

    hi there! ive got an idea I think might be really fun! my idea is to have someone from riu grow a plant in my room and pit it against one plant that I grow in the same environment. how I would do this would be to start a journal foe the two plants and just have the person who is growing...
  11. caveman117


    hey there, anyone have any 2x4s laying around? planned a new project in my room and I need some. dont really need that many (<10) but ive also got some mothers that I want to flower out but they are too big, so I'm gonna cut the crap out of em and clone all the good cuts. dont have much space...
  12. caveman117

    pepper sprays and flowering.

    hi there I was wondering about pepper sprays to prevent and treat pest problems in flower. I have always used neem for this purpose but in flower it can alter the taste of buds andexrtracts. so im wondering if anyone who has used these sprays in flower have had to deal with tastes and smells...
  13. caveman117

    selling timber?

    hi there! wasnt really sure where to post this haha but I was just wondering if any of you have expirience selling timber? I'm currently involved in a complicated tax issue and I'm looking into selling some trees and not sure of what is the best realistic way of selling it. I'm not tok...
  14. caveman117

    tax issue that i think is not right. anyone know what i can do?

    hi there, so first off my property that my home is on is conmected to two other lots side by side (all three). this was left to me and my uncle by my grandmother when she passed. the layout has an empty lot first, then the lot with my house, then the nexr lot has a house that my uncle owns and...
  15. caveman117

    t5 ho fixture issue.

    hi there, today ive been havingssome problems with my t5. I got it from the hydrofarm catelog (the white cased one 4 foot 4 bulb). so today all 4 of the lamps are just glowing a really dark pinkish/purplish (6500k lamps). the other day I noticed one of them doing this and I turned them off and...
  16. caveman117

    anyone wanna talk about light leaks?

    hi there! id like to start a discussion about light leaks. all about them, effects on plants, how to stop them, strength of light that could disrupt plants and also duration. first off I know I have light leaks as my closet I use for flowering is no where near 100% light tight. but I always...
  17. caveman117

    titan controllers

    hi there, I have recently decided to switch from 24/0 in veg to 18/6. so I had to go buy another timer. the timer on myflower area was a real cheap one so iI figured id just buy two better made ones if I'm gonna drive all the way to a shop. I picked up two apollo 8's by titan controllers...
  18. caveman117

    cool phenotype i lost...

    hi there! I got some seeds at a festival last year of a strain called diamond og. got three different phenotypes and unfortunately didnt clone this one. this specific one was one that didnt get planted andnstayed in a.tiny pot. I have one more of this pheno but it won't have time to finish...
  19. caveman117

    Anyone ever had cuttings start to flower before they develop roots?

    Hi there! ive got some cuttings of a strain ive never cloned off from before and I'm noticing something that seems odd to me. My cuttings of this strain only are starting to flower, getting little buttons and everything, and the mother is not. neither are the other two strains in the tray. they...
  20. caveman117

    question about probe start magnetic mh ballast.

    Hi there. I have a probe srart magnetic 250w mh. Its an all in one type deal with a cast iron casing to house everything. I want to use the ballast to socket cord from another lamp to connect this ballast to a different reflector. The only problem is on the inside its not exactly set up like...