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  1. Minbebistillmax

    Stop the LST?

    Hi all!. I don't have any problems with the plant not big ones anyway. My question is when to stop the LST training?. Its only my second plant "under the belt" but first time to LST. Stop when pre flower or realy flowering hehe?. And yeah i cut of the leafs which is blocking the other colas and...
  2. Minbebistillmax

    Need a flush?

    Hi everyone!. I don't understand how this is possible?. I grow in soil and add some nuts to my plant, when i check the run of it said 1050, watered my plan 2 days later ans check the run of its on 1150 then 2 more days goes by and i check it again and its increasing whit only givin it water how...
  3. Minbebistillmax

    What's wrong?

    Hi people!. I have K deficiency ( I think ) but I wanna second opinion on this. Dose someone whats the problem? i would really appreciate it! much love to you al :bigjoint:. Info: Soil, lights maxed out (like 40cm, i think maybe shorter) 21c lights of and 26 lights on, humid; 45-55%, Bio-bizz...
  4. Minbebistillmax

    Potassium deficiency?

    Auto, 6.3-6.5 PH, 50% humid, 2.3 weeks in flower, ppm 1000, light 12/12 (maxed out). Is this a Potassium deficiency or a Phosphorus? Based on google search I think it's Potassium, but I just wanna second opinion who is more experienced then me. Thanks for al the info i can get :bigjoint:
  5. Minbebistillmax

    Heat stress, time for 12/12?

    Hi!. it's seems that i can't do anything about the heat stress. I have right now 20/4 lights on, what do you people think about to start a 12/12 cycling instead to decrease the heat and start the bloom?. I have a auto in week 6.3 and the pistols are showing. (don't need to change the lights...
  6. Minbebistillmax

    It's spreading what's wrong!?

    Hi everyone! (first time growing) I have googled my as of trying to find the something!. Maybe nutrition burn, maybe some lockout or under feeded or to little cal-mag. Did someone have the same problem before and way? You guys/girls are my last chance! :cry: (water schedule: feed 0.5l, wait...
  7. Minbebistillmax

    Way the clwing?

    Hi everyone! I have seen this some where before but don't know where, and tried to google it but dident get the picture's from google that i can identify the problem but you grower know what it is, have no doubts about it at al :D. Info: Soil, Auto-GSC, week 5.6 (saw the sex yesterday so im...
  8. Minbebistillmax

    I f*** up?

    Hi al!. a bit info first about my grow and some pictures whit that and then the stroy when i F*** up :wall:. 1: Growing in soil. 2. Im growing an auto- GSC (don't remember the brand, sorry about that). 3. Fedding it whit Bio-Bizz nutritions, 0.5L every other day (basically dry, and can lift the...
  9. Minbebistillmax

    Did i broke my baby?

    Hi everyone!. Im a bit sad because i broke my baby :wall:. I've post some pictures at the end. I have an auto and im in week 4 and in 2 days im entering week 5 and STILL its not flowering and l don't see if its a male or female but when l both my seed from the internet its seed (Auto- GSC...
  10. Minbebistillmax

    I think something is wrong?

    Hi everyone!. I thing something is wrong whit my baby can someone see something mabye?. Im gonna post pic a bit down but first. (it's my first time growing anything) 1. I grow in medium soil. 2. Im growing GSC auto feminized (dont remember the brand). 3. Organic nutrition (BioBizz line) 4. 11L...