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    Amino/Humic/Fulvic Acid. +rep for any knowledge on this

    I seen the amino and fulvic on ebay and they're both water soluble powders. I have some water soluble humic acid and I was told to mix it in my soil before potting or add a pinch in the water. now the amino and fulvic acid how do I go about using if I was to buy them? +rep to whoever has some...
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    humidity issues...please, I need some expert help!

    I really need to get some input on my situation before I end up with moldy buds. everytime I open up my sheet its humid as hell in there. I use a tarp and a dark sheet to cover up cause im using my bathroom (got two) and theres two dark sheets seperating that part from the veg part. got space...
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    1st time making tea...need some advice

    ive never made a AACT and I was wondering if I mix everything I usually give to the ladies in a 5gal bucket and bubble it would I still have to dilute it? I usually use 2gal to feed. in each one is 2tbsp jamaican bat guano, 1tbsp molasses and a pinch of humic acid. im in the process of...
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    please not sure whats going on here!!! included

    whats up RIU? I got a serious issue gong on here and some help would be highly appreciated. alright first things first, the strain is orange kush and I think its a hybrid has long broad leaves when they're fully grown out. the story behind this is 4 generations as it was grown from...
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    Blueberry Skunk...anyone with any info on this strain?

    I just got this strain about two months ago and im waiting for it to finish flowering. came here to try and find out some info on it. I also have a clone of it in veg stage right now. any smoke reports, grow reports? (nutes, etc.). I dont know what company its from, I got it through a trade...
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    FFOF and Sunleaves Bat Guano

    I currently switched to FFOF after using Roots Organic and it ruining a whole grow a couple months ago. my question though is how soon should I feed using this soil? I kno it has nutes in it already but it seems like after a week in the 1gal pots they're already hungry...petoiles turnin red and...
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    need some advice on whether to try and save plant or let it go

    I got a orange kush clone. it was the only one that survived out of 4 . now the mother I took it from has paper thin leaves, deformed leaves, brown edges and rust spots and after 9 wks of growing the stem is still soft...I'm not able to post a pic tonight since the lights are off but tomorrow I...
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    Feeding issues...petoiles staying reddish/purple

    I recently just fed my blueberry skunk which is three weeks into flower and I just cant seem to get this feeding shit down packed...throughout veg the petoiles was the same way... I also have orange kush doing the same thing but my power plant is green all the way through Should I up the...
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    selfing aka self pollinating question

    I've done some reading on this subject with the grow bible but it really doesnt explain how to actually do it. really that whole book is just guidelines on growing. I like to just look at the pics to be honest, although I have read the whole thing. Ok back to my question I was wondering how...
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    Shoe Box Unsafe To Dry In?

    I read somewhere on the net that cardboard boxes give off some type of acid and it's not safe to use. does anyone know how true that is. kind of sucks if it is cause it's the only thing I have to dry Some input on this would be helpful. I don't wanna kill myself smokin organically grown stuff lol
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    Guano tea mix

    1Tbsp jamaican bat guano 1Tsp grandmas unsulphured molasses 1/8 Tsp humic acid What I plan to do is mix all of that in a 1gal jug of distilled water, shake vigorously til its foamy and dump it on the plants every 2 weeks. Now is that mix any good? I'm on a budget so I cant get to the store...
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    Humic acid, azomite question

    I left a post on the organic forum but no good responses so now I'm here with the same question. How much of each should I add per container? I know all about the SS but where I'm from it's too cold to bake the soil outside now so I'm screwed on that option til spring time. Any advice from vets...
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    How much humic acid and azomite per container?

    I've searched everything on these two subjects and all I can find is the product description. Seems to be no kind of info on application rates. I may have overlooked it but any input on this matter would be great....thanks in advance
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    1st Week of Using Super Soil. Already Having Problems!

    Subcool if ur reading this please respond if u ever see this. As u can see though im having problems using the super soil mix. Its only day 4 of the whole operation and the leaves are looking kind of burned. Had a few people tell us it was either too much nitrogen or a humidity issue. We're...
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    Not Sure What's Going On

    I'm using super soil and my leaves look like there shriveling up and changein color is the soil burning it did I not wait long enough to use it they where doin super good this happens over night I can use some good opinions mostly kush usein t5s x2 ain't trying to lose them
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    Not Sure What's Going On

    Pics for the post I just sent
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    Not Sure What's Going On

    Where using super soil and leaves look like there drying out mostly kush 1northern lights 1 power plant did we not leave are soil sit long enough is it burning the plants we using t5s can really use some good options nit tryna lose um
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    Not Sure What's Going On

    We are using super soil and are not sure what's goin on leaves look like there drying out did we not leave the super soil sit long enough we cut the leaves after we seen what was happing can some one tell me what's going on is the super soil burning are plants we have mostly kush 1 northern...