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  1. whisperer57

    Great Lakes Genetics ?

    did the Bohdi restock happen?
  2. whisperer57

    Pros and cons of a perpetual flower room vs room where all plants finish at the same time?

    yeah, perpetual. i put a date on the tag when i put it into flower, when its done the next one up in veg moves up to the big show...
  3. whisperer57

    Great Lakes Genetics ?

    it was ok, lower yield, didnt stand out.
  4. whisperer57

    Great Lakes Genetics ?

    need some additional Bohdi choices on freebies, I grew out Lazy Lightning, the only other choice is not for me
  5. whisperer57

    Dont buy from greybeard seeds

    asshole still owes me a pack of seeds, i thought he got busted by the irs couple years ago....loser
  6. whisperer57

    How do you deal with hydrophobic soil?

    i use dollar store trays under my pots, they soak the runoff up pretty quick. if theres water in the tray 20 minutes later i can dump that...
  7. whisperer57

    Rant about obtaining seeds

    I was in that exact mindset 2 years ago, mostly i hated to pay usps to track my payment to the PO box, but I did it. It literally changed my life. Im very partial now to Bohdi genetics, but with the sales and freebies its very reasonable to try different breeders. And now Im hooked on Bad Dawg...
  8. whisperer57

    Grape Strains ??

    it went 70 days...
  9. whisperer57

    bodhi seeds

    Black Light Fantasy #2 , better yield than #1, less purple. It did get purpler after drying...This went 71 days, stopped feeding at 60, shoulda fed a bit longer
  10. whisperer57

    Change lighting to 18 hrs

    grow weed easy ... free knowledge, no student loans
  11. whisperer57

    JBC Seeds

    enter me
  12. whisperer57

    Seedling weak & extremely thin in middle happened over night

    seedling damping off disease
  13. whisperer57

    Killing my plants
  14. whisperer57

    Grape Strains ??

    my purple pheno one is at 56 days, looks like 2 more weeks, how long did yours go?
  15. whisperer57

    Favourite Strains for Treating Pain?

    pennywise and harliqueen from subcool, get ahold of victoria on strainly
  16. whisperer57

    Great Lakes Genetics ?

    i got 5 of 5 females with some 3 lil birds cross i got on strainly from SWgenetX, of course they were all hermies, fucked my entire room for months...hes still selling that shit
  17. whisperer57

    New plant owner... Please help me! those lights might keep seedlings alive the first 10 days but you will need better lights.
  18. whisperer57

    Blackberry cake flowering time?

    take a close, clear pic of a mature looking flower and post it. we can zoom in on it, give you a better opinion