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  1. The Happy Hippy

    Live and Learn

    I've been growing weed for less than a year and I've experienced - Underwatering - Overwatering - Heat Burn - Light Burn - Nitrogen deficiency - Nitrogen Toxicity - Magnesium deficiency - Calcium deficiency - Cold stress - Windburn - pot too big - pot too small - fungus gnats - dwarf plants...
  2. The Happy Hippy

    Will Epsom Salts fix this?

    I'm pretty sure my plants have a magnesium deficiency. One seems to be gone too far to save. I'm going to grab some Epsom Salts today, just hoping it works. I've never used it before.
  3. The Happy Hippy


    Just got my new light and it's either not working or I can't connect the cables properly. I've never used these type of connectors before. Does anyone know if there's a trick to it? I think they are linoya Ip66 waterproof connectors or something like that.
  4. The Happy Hippy

    Canna Terra Plus Professional

    Just wondering if this would be a good purchase for growing autos? I've been using multipurpose compost with John Innes. Its always full of fungus gnats.
  5. The Happy Hippy

    Migro Aray 120w

    After growing with CFLs for a year I finally ordered and LED, Migro Aray 120w. My space is small but I'm very excited. Cant wait until it gets here. I'll post progress pics if anyone is interested.
  6. The Happy Hippy

    I should have asked you guys for help

    I messed up temperature and humidity and killed/stunted my plants. I have a small closet grow space 2x4x6. I've been growing autos in soil with decent success since last spring. A couple of months ago when temperatures started to drop I started having issues with slow growth and what seemed to...
  7. The Happy Hippy

    Small grow trimmings

    Does anyone that just grows a small few autos do anything with the trimmings? Is it worth keeping for anything? I've just been manicured buds a lnd binning the rest.
  8. The Happy Hippy


    Stunted auto. Grown in soil with CFL 250w Im just wondering is there any point leaving this another couple of weeks. Stunted from overwatering, pistills turned brown with the buds really small. Should I just chop and give a young plant the light space.
  9. The Happy Hippy

    Final container immediately vs transplanting an auto

    I only started growing less than a year ago but I have found this advice to be terrible. Planting a seed in a big container(soil) directly after germination makes it a nightmare to water correctly. I've tried both methods and transplanting never seems to cause any problems. An easy way to...
  10. The Happy Hippy

    Root bound / Clay pot

    Just for anyone who might be interested, I had a auto growing well in a 1 litre clay pot in soil. It became rootbound and started showing deficiencies really quickly, red stems, yellow leaves, slow growth etc.... I transplanted it(4 litre pot) to see if it might help. Interested to see if I get...
  11. The Happy Hippy

    Should be defoliate this stressed out plant?

    This is an Auto Gorilla OG. It nearly died as a seedling from underwatering. It nearly died again from nutrient shock at a 3-4 weeks old. Then it suffered windburn. I feel like I'm learning a lot with this grow(my second). Lol I'm just wondering if I should defoliate a bit or leave it alone...
  12. The Happy Hippy

    Liberty Cap Season

    We foraged these beauties last week. Has anyone else been out and about?