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    Stealth Wardrobe Grow

    nice grow TF :clap: how long did you hang them before going into the paper sacks?
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    Is this the begging of budrott... should i chop???

    I agree. And bud rot seen on the surface means way more deeper. Yours looks like normal fade, or lights to close I can spot it early by a more beige or grayish spot seen starting rather than a yellow or brown fade. This was inside the bud
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    New!!!Viparspectra light - XS1000 150w

    just checkin, on amaszonia says 100w.
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    New!!!Viparspectra light - XS1000 150w

    @ViparSpectra Grower isn't the xs1000 only 100w? my xs1500 is 150w
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    New!!!Viparspectra light - XS1000 150w

    I have the xs1500 and the plants seem to like it.
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    SIP thread -- (Sub-Irrigated Planter)

    Its hard to see in this pic, but the plate is about two inches shorter and sits on the rim of the rez, and the over hang is where the overflow aeration holes are, and the platform has two curved cups that get filled with soil to act as the wick they are called eco grow pots this is the same...
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    SIP thread -- (Sub-Irrigated Planter)

    surprised me to see such a lack of roots at the bottom of this 5g sip planter. It's like there's a inch plus layer right above the wick plate without any roots, and none at all peeking though the plate into the reservoir. The plant wasn't that big, but why not make it to the plate?
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    Fungus gnats in “cooking” soil, mosquito dunks?

    Late last spring I noticed some sort of weird bugs in my cooking soils in bins indoor. I put them in black plastic bags and baked them in the outdoor sun flipping the bags once a day for about a month till I was ready to use them. VIOLLA! all gone.
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    What nutrients to switch to?

    Black Gold Organic or Pro Mix Organic amended with some Dr Earth, water and a tea or two and that's been my base for some time now with good results Finishing up a Black Gold with the Roots Uprising line now, if I get better results, I'll try another run or two, if now, back to DrE.
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    Any hempy bucket growers here?

    Ten years back I did a 4g hempy straight perlite and OC+ and it yielded 14oz. Thinking of doing one again with some Pittmoss (recycled paper) supposed to replace perlite. To eliminate any salt build up and always have a fresh reservoir I'm thinking of putting the hole at the very bottom with a...
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    growing without nutrients

    How late in flower do you continue to spray molasses?
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    Starting Seeds

    my above experiment is flop. No sprouts. The water never left the inside of the paper tube and I think they didn't get any air. After rethinking this cutting a small piece of paper towel would accomplish the same thing I was attempting.
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    growing without nutrients

    are you meaning no nutes even added to the soil? I do water onlys but I add nutes to the soil
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    Thoughts on defoliating guy?

    this is a Garlic Sherbet 55 days old before and after
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    Starting Seeds

    this is one of my many off the wall experiments, using a Job Crystal rolling paper (totally clear rolling paper) to act as a sprout/sow tube. o_O I misted the paper, placed the seeds in the crease and rolled it up loosely leaving a little room. I put some wax paper to prevent it from sticking...
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    Pure sativa 12/12 from seed???

    I've grown 12/12 from seed a few times with mostly positive results, the more sativa the better off they are. Indicas stay a bit to small, but still grow well, I've yielded from 1 to 4oz. very little lower waste or need for much lolly popping. currently I have 2 plants 12/12 from seed Here...
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    SIP thread -- (Sub-Irrigated Planter)

    I washed my buds all the time when using doc buds high brix grow method. Baking soda and Lemon juice half cup each if I remember correct, rinse and rinse again, shake the moisture off and hang to dry. And I at least rinse off outdoor plants . You wouldn't believe the bugs and bug poop that...
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    Single clone dome for first timers

    single dome deli containers. these are clones taken 10 days after seeing hairs, I breathed fresh co2 into the domes at least once a day, they rooted in 15 days. thats quick for flowering clone., now 31 days from clone.
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    Nutrients for soil grows

    I just got another bag of Black Gold Organic 2cuft shipped to my door for $28, it came in two days. It's 22.50 at the hydro store 30 miles away and they've been out of stock lately.