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  1. Burt Hooter

    Fruit Continues to ripen after its picked.

    I think given the proper drying this can be beneficial.
  2. Burt Hooter

    Fem Pollen for Sale?

    It seems all I need is fem pollen to make my own fem seeds? yes/no? i was thinking i could pollenate one of my prom queens and make make own seeds? Yes/No? Are there vendors? Selling pollen? Life span ? shippaqbitly?
  3. Burt Hooter

    Kevin Spencer vs Trailer Park Boys ?

    Trash Tv Cant stop watching it. Any other suggesting of programing with similar IQ and taste?
  4. Burt Hooter

    315 CMH vs Horticulture Lighting Group 260W XL QB288 V2 R-Spec QB LED Kit

    Which one will grow the best smoke? I have a 32x32 inch tent 80 inches tall, and currently run the 315 CMH.
  5. Burt Hooter

    If I can make vitamin D from sunshine? Am I a plant?

    If I can make vitamin D from sunshine? Am I a plant?
  6. Burt Hooter

    I'm interested in QWET can anyone help me? Pointers?

    I want to try it, frezze , combine and shake for 2 min ? Then Strain. any thing you want to add? Please !
  7. Burt Hooter

    Weed Grinder ? I think this is it!

    I used mine for some time , i wanted to share it,