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  1. Capn-Crunch

    Can't identify the problem of my baby. PLS help me.

    You should describe the grow environment to get the best answer to your problem. Lights medium PPM feed, etc
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    Maine outdoor, favorite strain?

    Where I'm from in Maine it's really tough to get any strain to finish well completely outdoor, so I always flower inside. When my only option was completly outdoor I always went with a hardy indica.
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    MarsHydro Service

    Capn-Crunch Well-Known Member A moment ago...
  4. Capn-Crunch

    MarsHydro Service

    Mars Hydro does not stand behind their warranty.
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    Opinions needed

    I'm flowering some males for seed production and have one plant that is starting to show what looks like single pistils growing on some of the pollen sacs Could it be a male hermie?
  6. Capn-Crunch

    MarsHydro Service

    the warranty is guaranteed. no worry, If the light is under warranty why did I just get an invoice? HYDROPONIC WHOLESALE RCC INC sent you an invoice for $58.50 USD
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    Continuous yellowing and can't figure out why!

    Have you always done the "wick up" watering method? A friend tried that and had a minor root rot issue. It does look like you need a bit more Mg as well.
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    MarsHydro Service

    Has anyone here had any experience with their service department, or getting an issue resolved? I don't seem to be having much luck with them getting back to me on a light failure issue.
  9. Capn-Crunch

    Plants keep seeming underwatered, but pots keep getting heavier

    I see some minor leaf issues but overall the plants look ok. Maybe your PH is off and the plants are not up taking as they should.
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    Listen to whoever said "reduce the strength of your fertilizer and increase the volume of the water"
  11. Capn-Crunch

    Too many fan leaves cut off?

    This is what I do as well.
  12. Capn-Crunch

    Too many fan leaves cut off?

    I defoliate no later than 2 to 3 weeks after flower starts, then minor leaf removal for dying or over large fan leaves up to harvest. I also remove little "sucker bud shoots" so that all the plant energy is directed to the larger developing colas. Never had any issues, and always great harvests...
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    Is this normal or some kinda of deficiency?

    Also, some yellow leaves on the bottom are normal
  14. Capn-Crunch

    Is this normal or some kinda of deficiency?

    From week 6 to harvest I use Jacks 321 at 1000 PPM. First 3 weeks of preflower I add some MKP, then back to normal feed routine which is feeding when I water every 3rd day. No issues and hard buds every year.
  15. Capn-Crunch

    Nute burn and nitrogen deficiency

    I don't see anything to be too concerned about. I just finished some AK47 autos outdoor, feeding 900ppm of Jacks 321 every 3 days. Had no issues at all.
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    Maine Outdoor 2020 (first timer)

  17. Capn-Crunch

    Maine Outdoor 2020 (first timer)

    Not sure of the area you're in but here in the northern part of Maine it's really tough to achieve AAA buds flowering outdoor. Late fall is cool and damp so bud rot becomes an issue, or the frost hits and knocks everything back. I would love to grow in the ground, but had to resort to fabric...
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    Hard water ferts

    My well water is in that range and all I do is PH it to 6 to 6.5 and have no problems what so ever
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    Anyone had any problems with mars hydro??

    I have 6 lights from them bought over several years and have had no issue what so ever.