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  1. Uk420Gorilla

    Does Molasses Cause a Salt Build Up in soil?

    So, I was just looking at the label on the back of my unsulphered blackstrap molasses and it has an amount of salt in it - per 100grams it has 0.23g of salt. Is it possible that this could cause a build of of salts over time? I’ve read that molasses prevents salt build up but, I don’t know...
  2. Uk420Gorilla

    To flush, or not to flush. That is the question.

    So, I'm nearing mid way through the flower cycle on my girls and have been seeing mixed opinions on flushing in soil. I've flushed in soil always but IMO i've probably have seen a decrease in yield due to starving them the last 10 days. Also, a couple have been super 'carobony' tasting in the...
  3. Uk420Gorilla


    Hi RIU, New member here, 6th grow, 1st in decent space with actually controllable environment - PG240 tent, 2x 600watt HPS in cooltubes (started under 2x250cfl), 18ltr pots (started the seeds directly in the finishing pots) with Bio-Bizz All Mix, oil heater for night-time temps, Bio-Bizz Grow...