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  1. webby420

    Further Genetics

    Beware! There is a clone company in Michigan called Further Genetics. They have a website that is full of lies. And the clones they have are the most pitiful I have ever seen. So unhealthy. There customer service is as bad as there clones.
  2. webby420

    Oregon Elite Seeds (OES) buyers beware!!

    I’ve never got freebies from Great Lakes and I spent $250 on a pack of Chaos.
  3. webby420

    Hash and Oil Picture Thread

    you must have a built a better setup
  4. webby420

    Hash and Oil Picture Thread

    It was made using closed loop system with CRC. 1100gram column yield 142 grams of badder
  5. webby420

    Hash and Oil Picture Thread

    This copper chem
  6. webby420

    Real GG#4???

    Hang in there. Glue usually takes me atleast 14 days to root usually. I have strains that root in half the time of my glue cuts.This is not the best time of year for some us where humidity is down.
  7. webby420

    GMO vs ECSD

    I have ran GMO for quite a long time and am pretty dialed in on it. I was told when I got the clone a few years back it took 80 days. After quite a few runs, with my nutes and my setup it runs 77 days.
  8. webby420

    Cannarado genetics

    #3 is first two picks #2 is the last 3 picks #4 was leafy and got shoved straight in a column lol
  9. webby420

    Cannarado genetics

    I started 5 seeds of my pack of Grapenana. 4 females and 1 male. So #2&3 were the winners of the first run. But #4 was different. 2&3 were totally grape but #4 was green bananas. #2 was a little leafy frosty bud and #3 was big calyx. #4 was all made into live extract.
  10. webby420

    Topdawg Genetics

    I do believe some breeders are asking too much for their beans but I also understand their side of the situation also. Tell me this, when it comes down to a whole crop from that pack of seeds, say 3lbs. Is 3 lbs of Chem flame worth a extra $100 over 3 lbs of good stuff? Not even a question in my...
  11. webby420

    Cannarado genetics

    It’s amazing! Tropical
  12. webby420

    Clones??? Is the new address
  13. webby420

    Cannarado genetics

    Grapenana#3 live resin batter
  14. webby420

    Cannarado genetics

    I have a couple phenos on their second run.b
  15. webby420

    Cannarado genetics

    I just finished up some Grapenana. Some serious grape smells throughout flowering but I think smells more like raspberries dry. I have two phenos that will be getting a second run.
  16. webby420

    New Harvest Pics - Miscellaneous Breeders

    This is my first run with GMO and I can’t wait to try it!
  17. webby420

    Greenpoint seeds!!

    A lot of local grocery stores or gas stations sell money orders for less than a dollar.