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  1. DieselNuts

    Underfilling fabric pot?

    From what I've read, canna roots tend to stay in the top 12" of the soil. That's why you see 200 gallon fabric pots the same height as a 5 gallon.
  2. DieselNuts

    What is THE strain to grow right now from seed?

    You sound very angry, and frustrated. I’m sorry for you. When I’m down I usual smoke a joint and bang my wife, or jerk off. Maybe you could try something like that?
  3. DieselNuts

    Maine Outdoor 2020 (first timer)

    Eagle Scout from GPS
  4. DieselNuts

    bodhi seeds

    That's like my vintage Playboy and Penthouse collection. Unforgivable
  5. DieselNuts

    Greenpoint seeds!!

    Has anyone made and grown out F2's of the Copper Chem or anything else from GPS?
  6. DieselNuts

    Cannabis Jobs

    What is the process of becoming a legal grower? Do you just register and pay your fee and then sell to dispensaries? I've never sold a bud but I'm thinking of cashing in my knowledge. Thanks,D
  7. DieselNuts

    Greenpoint seeds!!

    My winter indoor batch turned out to be great for males, all of 10 em. 4 Sundae Stallion 4 Copper Chem 2 Cowboy Kush Does temperature effect male/female expression? They are cold, 60* usually. And no none of them identify as female, we can all see there balls.
  8. DieselNuts

    What is THE strain to grow right now from seed?

    I'm no salesman but I've had good luck with Greenpoint Seeds. I pay cash off the website, get my seeds in 5 days every time. They have the "hottest" strains crossed with a stardawg male. They also have reverse auctions and great sales. BOGO this weekend. I get 95% germ rates and normal m/f...
  9. DieselNuts

    Harvest weight guess?

    I prefer wet estimates myself.
  10. DieselNuts

    Greenpoint seeds!!

    Awesome. Reveg it next time. Copper is my fave!
  11. DieselNuts

    ganga girls northern grow

    Sorry to hear. Counting my blessings.
  12. DieselNuts

    ganga girls northern grow

    I hope you feel better!
  13. DieselNuts

    New England outdoors 2018

    So in the last week I flushed. Then I have sprayed the soil with Capt JAcks Dead Bug, 2 days later neem oil spray and soil drench. Now I have sprayed the soil with H2O2 , covered with two inches of perlite or fresh dry Promix and waiting another day for things to dry out.
  14. DieselNuts

    New England outdoors 2018

    Once again I cry every trip to the garden. Looks like fungus gnats and nute lockout (supersoil + teas?) are causing my roots to die and take my plants with them. Now I have black spots on new growth and dead yellow black spotted leaves lying everywhere. So disappointing, again.
  15. DieselNuts

    11 days to Dry, then leaving town for 2 weeks.. How can I cure?

    Brown paper bag I hang first, 5-10 days Then into the paper bags for a week or two. Then into jars, not much burping after that.
  16. DieselNuts

    GOPHER help

    Fencing Human urine
  17. DieselNuts

    Rain and strains

    Adding chunky perlite will help drain things and dry the soil out faster. ProMix HP has extra perlite and I don't need to add any. I would think strains from the jungle areas of the world would be best in a very damp area. Mine always rot so I should try for strains that finish AFAP= As Fast as...
  18. DieselNuts

    Dabbinblunted's 2018 Backyard Grow

    Did you notice if the fires affected the final product last year? I wondered how much smoke it would take to ruin things.
  19. DieselNuts

    Cookies Kush, best yield? Need advice!

    Mine are just starting to flower. They respond well to topping. I revegged mine starting in March so now it's got 50 tops.