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  1. Mike Maxwell

    Branching Symetrics

    I'm trying to figure out if symetrical branching vs non symetrical branching has any significant meaning or indications. It seems that sativa dominant or pure sativa strains are non symetrical. If anyone can shed more light or direct me to articles on this topic I would greatly appreciate. Thanx
  2. Mike Maxwell

    Moonshine Tincture?

    High Crew, I've been over taken by shake an table trimmings at a small garden level and would like to find a recipe for a good tincture or even potent shot drink. I was thinking of a 5 gallon or so of a premium moonshine and a couple pounds of clean table trimmings. Any ideas would help, thanx!
  3. Mike Maxwell

    Organic ph up?

    Hey Folks, I use earth juice and aerate my own tea, after 36 hrs and I'm ready to feed my outdoor in the ground plants the ph is way low 4.3, I am looking for a natural way to raise the ph without buying grow store products, i.e. Like limes for lowering, I need a natural ph up, any suggestions?
  4. Mike Maxwell

    Clones not Healthy

    three weeks since cut, all have nice root ball and are reaching at light but every one has new growth with burnt tipps and slightly yellow edges. They are all in rockwool and are being watered with 1/2 strenth 3 part GH and are under the t5 flourescent. the light is about 24" from babies. I had...
  5. Mike Maxwell

    Powdery Mildew

    Im in my 6th week of flower and The 2nd day of flush. Idetected pm in the 3rd wk and have been fairly successful keeping it in check with a baking soda mix spray. Now Im in flush and stopped all sprays. In the last week the pm has worsened and no longer just on leaves found some in bud. My...
  6. Mike Maxwell

    yea, yea, yea Im the Newbie

    Hey everyone Im Max and Ive recently returned to growing after a twenty year Hiatus:-P:leaf: