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  1. Capn-Crunch

    Opinions needed

    I'm flowering some males for seed production and have one plant that is starting to show what looks like single pistils growing on some of the pollen sacs Could it be a male hermie?
  2. Capn-Crunch

    MarsHydro Service

    Has anyone here had any experience with their service department, or getting an issue resolved? I don't seem to be having much luck with them getting back to me on a light failure issue.
  3. Capn-Crunch


    Is 1 month from seed enough growing time for a seedling to be transplanted outside in Zone 4a : -30 to -25 (F) ?
  4. Capn-Crunch

    The More I Grow The Less I Harvest

    I think I'm becoming a "Bud Snob" I used to harvest the whole plant, but now, with every seceding harvest I take less and less, and throw more away. If the bud isn't solid and at least the size of a US nickel I don't keep it. I know it's wasteful, but It just isn't worth my time anymore. Has...
  5. Capn-Crunch

    DIY Tumble Trimmer

    Made a trimmer to cut down on trim time because I hate that part of the process. 24" in diameter and 24" in width. Rubber coated 1/4" wire mesh Mounted on (2) 6205 bearings so it spins very easily Cost about $45 to build. I ran a 5 gallon bucket of buds through it and it worked pretty well...
  6. Capn-Crunch

    Not Quite Sure What To Do?

    New growth is showing interveinal chlorosis that looks like a Magnesium issue and also seeing some purple petioles that could be a phosphorus issue? I know the tent is crowded, can't put outside for a couple more weeks. VPD is out of range, temp is 75F and RH is at 75% Plants are 6 weeks old...
  7. Capn-Crunch

    Pictures in your signature

    How do you insert a picture into the signature, or is that even allowed? I've tried several times but all I see is this
  8. Capn-Crunch

    How do I remove a failed image from signature page

    Any help would be appreciated
  9. Capn-Crunch

    WTH Now!

    This coloration has been showing up on a few leaves all over a couple bubba kush plants. None of the other plants are showing this coloration. Plants are 6 weeks from flip and otherwise healthy. Feeding 750 ppm Under 400hps Promix with composted cow manure Medium ph is 6.7 Water ph is 6.2
  10. Capn-Crunch

    Jacks 321 Feeding Strength

    I seem to be having issues with a couple strains using Jacks. Wondered what strength everyone is using?
  11. Capn-Crunch

    Manganese Deficiency ?

    This is showing up on some of the newer leaves on a Pineapple Chunk plant. Looks to me like a manganese deficiency. Opinions please. Thanks
  12. Capn-Crunch

    Curing Faux Pas

    For the hell of it I checked the humidity in some storage jars I filled up 5 months ago, it was 72%. Ut oh. No sign of mold or decay though, so I put the 20oz in paper bags, and will let it dry a little more. If this doesn't work I'll just cook with it, but do you all think it can be saved? I...
  13. Capn-Crunch

    Peat and PH Consensus

    I know peat is considered a soil less medium and has different properties than coco, rock wool, etc. Question is, what are the peat growers PHing their water to for best nutrient uptake? I've been going 5.8 to 6.3 but am having some issues that are PH related.
  14. Capn-Crunch

    Reused Grow medium

    A couple weeks ago I needed to pot up a few clones so I went in the garage and got some amended peat that I used last year to grow in. Planted the clones and watered them in with a 300PPM nute solution. After a few days they started showing nute burn so I ran some water through the pots and when...
  15. Capn-Crunch

    Pollination Question

    Can I "self pollinate" a female by inducing female pollen on a branch, then shake it over the rest of the plant the branch is growing on, or is it better to harvest the pollen then use a completely different female to pollinate? I'm asking from a point of view of, could there be an issue as far...
  16. Capn-Crunch

    HID Question

    Growing inside I've always used the "cheap blurples" that everyone loves to trash, so this round I bought 2 400w MH/HPS fixtures. So far I'm not impressed. I kept the distance close and got fairly stretchy plants in veg compared to my cheap led's, and am not seeing better bud production in...
  17. Capn-Crunch

    Weird Wattage Wonder

    Saw this on another forum this morning. "I'm growing under 1000 watts of HPS in a 6' x 8' room. I have four 250 HPS lights" Maybe I'm too high this morning, but I contend he is using 1000w of power, but is only growing under 250w of hps. He says he has the power of 1000w hps. Who's correct...
  18. Capn-Crunch

    Expert opinion needed

    Posted this in another forum but got no replies. I just harvested a Berry Ryder auto and found a fair number of seeds in it, maybe 30 or so? I don't think the plant hermied because I never saw a pollen sac anywhere on the plant. I was however working with some White Widow pollen about a month...
  19. Capn-Crunch

    Experienced Breeders Opinion needed

    I just harvested a Berry Ryder auto and found a fair number of seeds in it, maybe 30 or so? I don't think the plant hermied because I never saw a pollen sac anywhere on the plant. I was however working with some White Widow pollen about a month ago and am wondering if the auto was accidentally...
  20. Capn-Crunch

    Live Chat

    Does the live chat work, or is there a trick to get into it?