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    Do you count flowering from 12/12 switch or when you see pistil hairs?

    What? No i count first 7 of 12/12 as transition because it is..its not flowering its transitioning to flowering..after 5-7 days its in flowering..outdoor is completely different than indoor..outdoor the transition takes even longer..
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    Do you count flowering from 12/12 switch or when you see pistil hairs?

    No plant on earth automatic instantly switches to flowering the second you flip to 12/12 it takes 5-7 days to transition from veg into flowering..its a hormonal an physiological change it takes time its nkt instant..5-7 days after 12/12flip is wen flowering actually starts so 7 days is safe for...
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    Do you count flowering from 12/12 switch or when you see pistil hairs?

    I always for past several years count furst week of 12/12 as technically every plant ive ever grown i started counting flowering 7 days after 12/12 never fails an plants always finish very close to the time expected by breeder/strain..
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    Ever had a joint,bowl, or blunt make your lips numb.

    It kills pest but its just fossilized algae...its like broken glass for bugs but harmless to people an animals.
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    Advice on feminized breeding after second and 3rd generation..

    My situation.. I successfully crossed ochisel with grandaddy purp.. I used coliodal silver to force Male flowers on an ochisel plant collected the pollen and pollinated grandaddy purp... Ive named my strain Bluuchisel.. I now have 2 extremely frosty phenotypes that are also purple..i forced a...
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    Seed Harvest Question????

    Chances are if the seeds are popping out the are done on the inside also but your seeds still need to dry for a couple weeks..
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    Edible Question

    If its decarbed then it will can even fill jell capsules an just take them lol..
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    Do you count flowering from 12/12 switch or when you see pistil hairs?

    My general rull of thumb for hassle free is if its an 8 week strain i grow 9 weeks from 12/12 switch...its normally right on the money sometimes off by a week or so..but just check trichomes around the end of the grow..
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    Using bud and bloom with incredible bulk..

    Ive been trying to find a relatively cheap and organic way to grow great crops...ive found if you mix coco coir and perlite at 50/50 or 60/40 (coco being the majority) with 2 cups of bud and bloom for every 5 gallon of soilmix works dress with all purpose 4-4-4 at...
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    Ever had a joint,bowl, or blunt make your lips numb.

    I sometimes get numb lips after smoking...before you say laced i grow my own indoor organically and dont use pesticides or sprays...i use demetrious earth during veg in soil..if its the tar/resin maby its worth looking into as a topical solution for minor surface pain..
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    My pistols are gone orange at week 3 ???

    Reducing wattage suddenly could stress is possible
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    Need help - leaves turning yellow and brown- week 7 of flowering

    If you have been flushing for 2 weeks that's why its discolored..??? You are flushing the plant the result is the green fading out thats the entire point remove nitrogen and chlorophyll...just dont flush until sugar leaves turn yellow and buds..
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    My pistols are gone orange at week 3 ???

    Hopefully by morning they have started to replenish themselves...if not maby shock from some unknown factor..
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    My pistols are gone orange at week 3 ???

    Pistols dry and replenish themselves throughout the grow each time buds get a lil bigger..some strains dry and brown before new pop up some strains its all even an on a cycle so its kinda just means buds are swelling take before and after pics to compare size over the next...
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    Win Dinafem Cannabis Seeds at The Vault

    Im in.. id love to win i love growing never grew an auto i usually grow photoperiod..i would be absolutely thankful to receive this..ive never grown Dinafem seeds before id love to try them out and become a customer..
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    Making seeds of the same strain?

    I explained how one backbreeds to stabilize traits and feminize seeds...thats the question how to stabilize the genetics an result in a common outcome from several seeds..
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    Making seeds of the same strain?

    You need to force a female plant to produce male flowers pick a favorite phenotype and force male flowers an breed it with itself..its like forcing...
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    Maximize yeilds and wen to flower..

    3×6ft closet, average humidity 50-60%, two 600w LED one bloomspect one wills, average temp 70-80°f, 100% coco coir.. thats my flowering room its on a 12/12 timer.. ive got six 5 gal pots transplanted 2 weeks ago from half gal..approximately 6 weeks from germination topped about 4 times.....wen...