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    Advice on feminized breeding after second and 3rd generation..

    My situation.. I successfully crossed ochisel with grandaddy purp.. I used coliodal silver to force Male flowers on an ochisel plant collected the pollen and pollinated grandaddy purp... Ive named my strain Bluuchisel.. I now have 2 extremely frosty phenotypes that are also purple..i forced a...
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    Using bud and bloom with incredible bulk..

    Ive been trying to find a relatively cheap and organic way to grow great crops...ive found if you mix coco coir and perlite at 50/50 or 60/40 (coco being the majority) with 2 cups of bud and bloom for every 5 gallon of soilmix works dress with all purpose 4-4-4 at...
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    Ever had a joint,bowl, or blunt make your lips numb.

    I sometimes get numb lips after smoking...before you say laced i grow my own indoor organically and dont use pesticides or sprays...i use demetrious earth during veg in soil..if its the tar/resin maby its worth looking into as a topical solution for minor surface pain..
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    Maximize yeilds and wen to flower..

    3×6ft closet, average humidity 50-60%, two 600w LED one bloomspect one wills, average temp 70-80°f, 100% coco coir.. thats my flowering room its on a 12/12 timer.. ive got six 5 gal pots transplanted 2 weeks ago from half gal..approximately 6 weeks from germination topped about 4 times.....wen...