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  1. MickFoster

    Canna Caps

    I stopped smoking weed several years ago because I wanted to save my lungs. I wanted to ingest it but I hated the taste of any food that was infused with literally make me gag. So I decided to make canna caps so I could take like a pill and not have a nasty taste. People have...
  2. MickFoster

    House Speaker.....Nancy Pelosi

    I'm curious what people's thoughts are regarding Nancy Pelosi's bid for Speaker of The House again? I commend her on her handling of the impeachment and I admire her immensely for the job she has done.......but it's time for younger and newer blood. I could be wrong........but didn't she say...
  3. MickFoster

    Male or Female???

    Can somebody tell me if this is female?
  4. MickFoster

    No smiles.

    Within the last week or so I'm unable to access the bar with Bold, Underline, Fonts, LInks, Re-do, Smiles, etc. etc. Help please.
  5. MickFoster

    Posting Pics

    I used to be able to post pics with no problem but now when I try to post a pic it says an error has occurred. Can someone please help me with this problem. Thanks.
  6. MickFoster

    Obamacare is a great success

    According to Trump and the trumpanzees, the ACA is a total disaster. While I admit that it has problems and requires tweeking, you can't deny that millions of americans now have medical insurance that didn't before. If Obama hadn't been elected and a republican were in office the last eight...
  7. MickFoster

    Money Matters

    I'd like to give some advice to the young newbies regarding money and equipment. I say young because I assume that the people who can't afford to grow indoors properly are young. I don't say this to disparage the young growers in any way - hell, we've all had a time in our lives that we had to...
  8. MickFoster

    Gotta Love Those Air-Pots

    I used to start in solo cups, after 2 weeks then to 80oz container, after another 2 weeks lastly to a two gallon bucket. At the end of my grows the roots never fill up the 2 gallon bucket, they are balled up from the first 2 containers. And yes, I sliced the roots before transplanting. I...
  9. MickFoster


    I grow in coco and I was wondering how many growers add silica to their nutrient solution, and have you noticed a difference. Thanks!
  10. MickFoster

    Why would you grow in soil?

    First let me start by saying that I have grown in soil, coco, rockwool, DWC, Waterfarms, and Hempy. It might be my imagination but I notice that most of the nute burn, deficiency, overwatering, etc. problems occur to usually newbies that grow in soil. People tell newbies to grow in soil first...
  11. MickFoster

    nextlight mega

    I'm looking into buying an led and my hydro store that used to be against all led's in the past is now showcasing nextlights. They have several set-ups in the showroom and the plants growing under them are thriving, with little heat. I've been in retail and I am aware that when a company...
  12. MickFoster

    Watering my SCROG

    This is my first attempt at scrogging. I built a scrog net out of pvc to fit in my 4 x 4 tent in which I have total access in the front and partial access on the two sides. I plan on 4 plants and watering the 2 buckets in the back are a problem because there is not enough room to get...
  13. MickFoster

    Rapid Rooters

    Can anyone tell me how to store Rapid Rooters and also what the shelf life is? Thanks.
  14. MickFoster

    Barney's Farm - LSD

    I would appreciate any information that anyone can give on both the breeder and the strain. Thanks.
  15. MickFoster

    Simple Transplant Question

    I usually use fem seeds but this time I used regular seeds. I would like to start the flower process in 80oz. containers to conserve coco, then transplant into 2 gal. buckets once the sex is determined. My question is: Will this cause any problems to the plants? Thanks!
  16. MickFoster

    Bud Humidity

    I have been growing for quite a long time and I have what may be a dumb question, but I don't know the answer. If you are drying your bud in an environment that has a constant humidity of 65%, can the bud get drier than 65%?
  17. MickFoster

    Flowering time

    I'm growing my first auto - I received a freebie from Attitude with my last order - Dinafem Cheese XXL Auto and the growth is amazing. I've been growing for more years than I want to admit, so I know when it's time to harvest. Considering autos flower no matter what the light schedule, when the...
  18. MickFoster

    Autos and Supercropping

    I'm no beginner - I've been growing for 30 years but I have no experience with autos. I received 4 freebies from Attitude on my last order and decided to try them. Orka feminized, Black Kush feminized, Viper City OG feminized, and Cheese XXL auto. I have never grown an auto before - it is 7...
  19. MickFoster


    I don't hear it talked about much on the forums - does anyone have any experience with mainlining? I experimented on my current grow with it and I must say that I am impressed. I have 2 Master Kush grown in coco/perlite in 2 gallon buckets and each plant has 8 colas that are exactly the same...
  20. MickFoster

    T5 Bulbs

    I am in the process of purchasing a Hydrofarm T5 - 4' - 8 bulb fixture and it comes with 6400K bulbs. I want to purchase 8 - 2700K bulbs so I can interchange them. Can someone tell me the best brand of bulbs to purchase? Thanks!