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    hope this isn't against the rules but looking for someone in vermont to possibly meet up for clones or autoflower seeds. Can anyone help me out? Just thought I'd add that vermont is a legal state and I'm not looking for anyone to break any laws.
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    Curious to hear

    Hey all. Former member here. Checking back in this strange time of madness in the world. Just curious to see what everyone really thinks is going on in the world right now. Very interesting and possible scary time right now. Anybody watching the skies? How about Q supporters? Elon musk and AI...
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    Been a while. DOMESTIC

    Hey, former member here. Looking to get my feet wet again. Will be relocating soon and I am looking for a reputable domestic seed source for autoflowers. Can anyone point me in the right directions? Thanks
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    NEW HAMPSHIRE, too late?

    Hey again. Former member from ages ago. 2008-2012. Have left the growing community for quite some time. I am relocating during this strange time in the world to new england. Looking to start an outdoor grow from seed when I arrive. Is it too late in the season to do so? Any new hampshire...