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  1. MidnightXTRCTS

    Bug Identification Please

    Hello. I recently got a USB microscope to look at ripening trichomes. Today, i noticed what looked like white dots, and threw the leaf under the scope. This is what I saw. Can you please help identify these microscopic monsters?
  2. MidnightXTRCTS

    Auto Frisian Dew from Dutch Passions

    Hello I was just looking at some trichomes form my outdoor auto frisian dew, started in November in southern california, and besides seeing nice cloudy trichome heads , there are purple stalks holding the gland head! I've never really grown a dark purple strain, so am just..surprised. Is it...
  3. MidnightXTRCTS

    Oven door tek Vs. Still air box, opinions or experience

    Hello, I tried researching this topic and found that people have strong feelings on it on other forums. Some say it's crap to use the oven door and your just as good innocullating on the counter, while other say they've done it for years with high success rate. Couldn't really find anything...
  4. MidnightXTRCTS

    Grain to grain transfer....pros and con?

    Hello, I've been reading the various ways to keep the life cycle of the mushroom rolling. It seems like spore prints, liquid solutions, cloning, and other similar teks are popular, tried, and true. However, as a newbie I am wondering if it is possible to use a jar that's 100% colonized to start...
  5. MidnightXTRCTS

    Sizzling Dabs :(

    Hello Everyone, After smoking for 20 years,growing for 10,and dabbing for 5, I decided to read all I could on BHO extractions and purging techniques and pull that 1st extraction on some Frisian Duckfoot strain I grew. I packed my tube with 2oz of nugs (pretty much whole off the stems),blasted 2...