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  1. Humboldtcalikidd

    Light wasn’t on?

    Hello growers! I had a question on my flowering tent which is 12/12. My lights come on at 715pm to 715 am. I woke up this morning to find my tent in the dark. Rushing to find out what’s up! I changed my bulb in my cmh fixture but I don’t know when it went off so no idea how much light my plants...
  2. Humboldtcalikidd

    Mykos wetable powder.

    I’ve used this when I’m rooting clones into medium, and for my mothers. Has anybody ever used this during flower? Wondering if any Benefits in using during flowering?
  3. Humboldtcalikidd

    Check this out!!

    Went to visit and harvest my fathers first grow in the in the Bay Area this weekend and we had to go to the local grow shop in Concord Ca to pick up some things and came across this local company and there own organic soil indoor blend!! Swooped up 10 bags to try for the next grow check this...
  4. Humboldtcalikidd

    Another msnl blue dream grow

    4x4 tent with cmh 3100k from Phillips. 13 gallon pot Happy frog pro mix and perlite. 2 week from flip got her all stretched out hoping for a good yield! Hope all is good and happy growing!
  5. Humboldtcalikidd

    Thoughts on 30%rh

    Hello everyone My question to all is I’m drying my last round of blue dream I got hang drying in a dark room in my house with a small fan just circulating the air and rh is 30 and temp 67-70 degrees Fahrenheit Some parts of my harvest that I pulled early dried in about 5 days!! Not ok in my...
  6. Humboldtcalikidd

    When a dad out does his son!!:)

    Hello all. Thought I would post something that brings a smile to my face and I’m sure it will some of you. Recently my father has been wanting to grow and has been asking a lot of questions. Long story really short. After back surgery he didn’t like pain meds and didn’t smoke. 5 months later we...
  7. Humboldtcalikidd

    Msnl blue dream cmh 315 grow!

    Hello fellow growers! Got 9 plants in a4x4 by 8 ft tent. msnl blue dream genetics from fem seed. Phillips bulb 3100k I know I’m in about the 6 to 7 weeks into flower but if someone can help me age them if they could, I lost track of exact day count but I’m pretty sure I’m in about week 5 to 7...
  8. Humboldtcalikidd

    Genetic drift?

    My concern and question for the pros on here is. How much genetic drift can be expected if I want to not have a mother room and take clones as I need for a perpetual. If my success in cloning with no stress or rookie mistakes. How long could you run a strain? I have fem blue dream mother but...
  9. Humboldtcalikidd

    Mini fridge into air condition for grow tent!!

    My thoughts are to take adopter a mini fridge and basically make my grow tent the fridge.. has anybody ever tried this. Let me know will post pics as progress happens
  10. Humboldtcalikidd

    Just added cmh 315 how do my pkants look first time indoor!

    Hello and thanks in advance! Just got a cmh 315w and slapped it in! 4 plants from seed 2 lemon cookies 1 peanut butter breath 1 auto flower purple punch 5 gal bags Pro mix An ph perfect 2 part Big bud Bud candy
  11. Humboldtcalikidd

    Over crowded!

    Newb here! Long time lurker! Wanted to see what you guys think on my first indoor grow and as you can tell I'm over crowded! I'm shooting for a perpetual grow but my room has gottin crowded with a huge plant I want to take clones from and do a little lst to before I switch to 12/12. Never done...
  12. Humboldtcalikidd

    Five plants one tent 3 maybe hermie

    My friend gave me some seeds. Some may be auto flower and some not. I noticed he had harvested seeds in his autos so I'm wondering after popping 5 seeds 1 week into flower I see these on 3. Don't know if they will turn into seeds. Any help I appreciate.m