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  1. Wazzy

    Watermelon Zkittlez x Floozy

    So way back when covid first started I won the photo of the month contest (march I believe). I recieved 4 different strains from chuckers paradise seeds. I finally have a chance to run some and I am going with watermelon zkittlez x floozy. Figured since it was the first thing I won on this site...
  2. Wazzy


    So as the title says I have found a few nanners on my 3 blue kings. She is 61 days from flip and the breeder says 63-70 days. It visually isn't quite done. Trichomes aren't ready yet. I'd like to give it another 2-3 weeks but......... When would you guys call it quits?
  3. Wazzy

    Convince me not too!

    So it will be 61 days on Saturday (which is when I want to chop) from when I switched to flower. I understand there is still some white hairs but they are curly and not tooooo many. My concern is the trichomes. These are taken from 5 different buds at various locations. I am worried that...
  4. Wazzy

    Ph problems

    So I am having a ph problem. All my plants have a ph of 6. Doesn't seem to matter what ph I put in it comes out at 6. I've tried 6.9 - 7.6 and even 8. It all comes out at 6. My plants are doing ok but you can definitely tell they are having low ph problems. I am very confused as to what is going...
  5. Wazzy

    Anyone have this before?

    Anyone ever have 5 fan leaves grow from the same node...? Looks kinda weird
  6. Wazzy

    Teeny tiny auto

    Everytime I look at this little girl I chuckle. Didnt have the heart to thro her out. Figured I do a journal just cause and I haven't done one on riu and you don't usually see a journal on a plant of this stature lol. This is a wedding cake from i49 seeds. This is also the first plant I've had...
  7. Wazzy

    Cutest little auto lol

    Auto wedding cake 2 inches tall and starting to flower lol. Only 2 weeks old. Gonna be the smallest little plant at the end with little colas hahaha. Gonna have to grow it out just to see.
  8. Wazzy

    Help with mars hydro ts1000

    So I recently got the mars hydro ts1000. Seems like a really good light. I have 1 problem. Why does the light stay "on" during the dark period? Unless you physically unplug it, it stays on during the dark period. How is that any good for a photoperiod plant? Can I fix this?
  9. Wazzy

    Is this mold?

    So I got some bud in the mail today. Looks kinda suspicious to me. Buds are more brown than the pics show. Is this mold?
  10. Wazzy

    Remo nutrients

    Anybody using the remo line? I went through veg with it beautifully and am about to go to flower and am a bit worried about the amount of P in the formula. I'm going to go with what their website calculator says. So it should be ok I hope. Anybody with any knowledge that could help would be much...
  11. Wazzy

    Remo nutrients

    Has anyone used remo nutrients? There seems to be a lot of N in the flowering period but that's part of their nutrients. Has anyone used them or had any problems with it?
  12. Wazzy

    Switching from veg nutes to flower nutes

    I am going to be switching my girls over to flowering this weekend. I am wondering if I switch my nutrients immediately too or do I run the veg nutes for a bit or what?
  13. Wazzy

    Not sure what's wrong with my babies

    So I am new to this site. I recently started growing and am experiencing some problems. I got 2 clones from a friend of a friend and they had issues before I got them. They were about 4 weeks old already and I have had them for 3-4 weeks now and thought I had them through all their issues. They...