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  1. Rrog

    CBD Edibles in Michigan on hold?
  2. Rrog

    Cop going to prison Good.
  3. Rrog

    Guns and weed now that we’re rec legal

    Does the new law change things if you grow and have guns?
  4. Rrog

    Deep State My Ass

    an inexhaustible supply of things to deflect and distract. Nixon reincarnate
  5. Rrog

    Nothing dumber than a flat earther Pathetic waste of flesh
  6. Rrog

    Asshole-In-Chief is back on US soil. And we're all the poorer

    im not finding words to adequately describe the depth of hatred I have for this amazing loser. And of course the losers on this forum continuing to express their delight with this horrible human
  7. Rrog

    Health Insurance Only For The Healthy

    i love the new Republican health care philosophy. If you have a pre-existing condition, it's because of bad decisions you've made so fuck you
  8. Rrog

    DIY Lite-Tite Louvers - What's The Latest Design?

    There are a few lite-tite louvers out there, but expensive at $30 for an 8x8. There are a few good DIY vent threads out there:
  9. Rrog

    I'm taking Russian Language Lessons

    I figure it's a good idea at this point. Plus I get a discount when I take the online class from TrumpOnline. Just type in "AmericaFirst" to get 3% off the normal price. Pretty fucking good deal. Thanks trump.
  10. Rrog

    Illegal Aliens Cost Trump The Popular Vote -LOL Apparently millions of unregistered illegal aliens somehow managed to fool the system (monitored by both...
  11. Rrog

    Baghdad Bob Has A New Name - trump's Press Secretary

    Trump's new press secretary, Sean Spicer. Completely accurate to a flaw.
  12. Rrog

    Ignorant West Virginia and Jesus I would burn the place to the ground. Forced to go to bible school in a private school? Inbreds
  13. Rrog

    Homophobe In Chief

    Mere seconds after he was sworn in
  14. Rrog

    Trump's Inaugural Speech

    Jesus. It was awful. I read it. Could never watch it. He's gonna fleece the nation, and he claims he'll remember the forgotten man. Sorry- I had to go puke a little. Anyway, historically worst speech in many generations.
  15. Rrog

    Sheriff Clark

    Can't anyone put this piece of shit out of our misery ???
  16. Rrog

    George HW Bush in the Hospital

    I will not be sorry to see him go. I will definitely not be sorry to see his idiot son gone. I hope I live long enough to see them both buried deep
  17. Rrog

    We're Buying Mexico A New Wall

    How fun. President Cheeto says he can't get the Mexican Govt to pay for the wall after all. No prob- send the bill to the US citizens. Our taxes (not Cheat-O since he proudly pays no taxes) will buy it. How predictable. Promise the impossible to get elected by people who believe in the...
  18. Rrog

    Kanye West Would Have Voted For Trump

    Who Gives A Shit? This fundamentally self-absorbed bloviator didn't even vote. More importantly: Who Gives A Shit? Who cares what the fuck this guy things about ANYTHING? I can't think of a less credible source for an opinion. Well, except maybe for some of the losers I have on ignore...
  19. Rrog

    The Future Of Cannabis Legislation It's gonna suck. It's gonna go backwards. Private Prison corporations stock is skyrocketing today.
  20. Rrog

    Cop Feeds a Homeless Man a Shit Sandwich - Literally People who want to abuse other humans will find an occupation that allows them to. Could be a cop, a school teacher, a priest. Predators come in all sizes and colors.